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  1. I know the argument but I still think it's wrong. Having no transparency on the cost of future upgrades 1 year after introducing subscriptions is hard to swallow. My distributor got back to me with the same blunt answer ("we won't know until R22 is released") and just highlighted the current price of an upgrade: 1 020EUR (tax incl) vs 660EUR (tax incl) for the MSA up until now. This would be a whopping 55% price increase if MAXON keeps the same policy...
  2. Dave, please make sure then that your distributors communicate all the options instead of pushing subscriptions. I found their email quite offending and anyone not fully aware of the topic would have probably bought into their plan. That’s disinformation.
  3. Upgrade prices are pretty much the same year on year, at least in France. Unless they add Redshift to the mix I don’t know what’s taking MAXON so long. Besides this is NOT a normal year at all: the MSA ends for me on sept 1st after 10 years of loyalty. I would expect all the fall back options to be clearly laid out, including perpetual upgrades prices, instead of scammy proposals that deliberately avoid mentioning perpetual upgrades to lock me into subscriptions. This is what the community has been asking for a year and yet, all we got are scattered statements on user forums. I want an official page on the MAXON website with all options and prices.
  4. Instead of beating around the bush, they should just terminate perpetual licenses and show their cards once and for all. I’m tired of this double language: perpetual upgrades will be available but nowhere can I find information about upgrade prices and MAXON resellers avoid mentioning them to lock me with a subscription plan. That’s plain wrong and commercially dodgy if not unethical. I’m really tired of being treated like a fool and a cash cow with crazy high prices and not even monthly payments for a program that is crippled with limitations. I always have given MAXON the benefit of the doubt but this letter is just the last straw.
  5. So here it is: the annual email from my distributor about my MSA renewal...except that this year, there won’t be another MSA. Alright, I knew about this. Now here is the rub: they suggest switching to the subscription model to replace the MSA and offer a 20% discount on a 2-year subscription. No mention about the perpetual license upgrade. This is plain wrong and not transparent at all. How come the price of the upgrade has not been made public yet? I’m shocked.
  6. R22 will be announced at IBC in September. MAXON confirmed that R22 will include all S22 features+new stuff so let's wait... I fully agree. This reflectance channel is a mess and the 3 different built-in render engines (!!!) are confusing.
  7. Is Neutron supposed to be some kind of new "back end" on steroid for C4D, and the object manager a simple "front end"? Sorry I am not a tech guy and I struggle to understand what Neutron is or is not.
  8. My number 1 wish: redshift included in C4D as the default render engine, free of charge. Immediate availability and Compatible with metal for Mac users.
  9. I don’t think there has ever been a plan to create a a subscription version of C4D with a unique set of features that perpetual license owners would never get access to. This is just the opposite of MAXON’s efforts to simplify their product line up.
  10. He (and other MAXON employees) said that R22 would include all S22 features+new stuff. S22 is not a “preview” in the sense of a beta, but an early release for subscribers with some of the new features that will be included in R22. The whole point of S22 was to make subscriptions more appealing by offering new features on a more regular basis without having to wait for the annual “big” release. And yes, they do not want to promote perpetual licenses, hence the absence of rebates. They were clear about this although they committed to keeping perpetual licenses for now.
  11. There is no suspense: Mc Gavran said S22 is a preview of R22 available to subscribers only, with R22 to be released around Q4 with additional features. The upgrade price will be about +20-25% vs the cost of an MSA.
  12. It’s a public beta, not the commercial version so it is not production ready and if I understood well only the latest AMD GPUs are supported for now until Big Sur is released. I relate to all the early mac pro buyers left with no serious GPU solution after more than a year...do we know where redshift stands? It’s good to see moves like this though, but it’s painfully slow.
  13. You need to keep your quads even on the low poly surface. Your current low poly mesh contains too many large quads, which may cause problems when subdividing.
  14. Clear David! I’m sure you would actually get more subscriptions if the upgrade price was on the site. It’s just easier to compare options and make an informed decision. Anyway thanks for your clarifications as always.
  15. What strikes me is the lack of clarity regarding the cost of a perpetual upgrade. The MAXON people on this forum claim it will cost as much as a regular non-MSA upgrade but nowhere on the MAXON website is this information available, distributors do not seem to know either, which fuels the anger and concerns of the perpetual license holders community.
  16. Yes, that’s the price we should expect to pay for a perpetual license upgrade. No breaking news here, several MAXON employees posted here and on other forums about this topic on multiple occasions. And yes again, perpetual licenses will die at some point. This is where this industry is heading. Just read the Autodesk earnings report and analysts Q&A to understand how powerful this business model is for software companies. This model works as long as the company has a competitive edge with unique features that other programs cannot compete with. C4D has mograph. That's their captive market. Houdini is just overkill for the average motion designer who integrates a bit of 3D in his/her workflow. As long as they stay ahead in this field, they can charge whatever they want. I’m still ok to pay for now because I can afford it but this program has become highly fragmented and lost a lot in terms of perceived value compared to 10 years ago. Back then I used to have a great render engine and an acceptable particle system with BP, the leading UV/texturing tool in the industry. These modules are now outdated and require external solutions (substance, x particles, TFD, octane/redshift etc), while the price of the program kept increasing. when I read that AD might offer an indie license of Maya for 250$/year (already the case for 3ds max), I cannot help but think that MAXON will have to revise its prices down if they want to keep their indie users, who actually made C4d the successful program it is today.
  17. To all MAXON people, I have a simple request: let me upgrade my perpetual R21 license to R2X at the former MSA cost. Just do that, keep pushing your subscription model if you want to, and I think 90% of customers’ complaints will be gone. I no longer care about cineversity (which has been pretty idle for the last 6 months). Oh and watch out for Maya/3Ds max indie licenses at 250$/year. If AD extends its pilot and makes these offers permanent and global, I will switch immediately to Maya. cheers Adrien
  18. C4d’s standard render engine does have tone mapping...
  19. I checked my MSA and indeed, it does mention that I am entitled to the latest version of C4D. Over time, I forgot about it and became used to paying just to keep C4D up to date, knowing that there was only 1 release per year and 1 or 2 service packs to fix bugs. Can someone from MAXON clarify why we S22 is not covered by the MSA? Thx
  20. I wish MAXON shared the recommended computer specs for S22/R22.
  21. I think it’s a cool update with long overdue features. MAXON has clearly listened to us and I can’t wait to dabble with redshift on a Mac Pro. Not sure what some people complain about: these features (and more to come) will be included in R22 perpetual later this year. It’s a cool time for C4D users and hopefully the end of the tunnel for Mac users like me.
  22. I’m actually interested in knowing more about how internally C4D makes use of CPU and GPU resources. I’m still trying to figure out which Mac Pro I should buy (do more CPU cores matter in handling large project files and viewport speed?) so his question is interesting.
  23. Faster/advanced viewport New BP/UV tool set All modeling toolkit now ported to the new core with new modeling features Redshift 3.0 to be released by this summer, with full Metal support GoZ plug-in now updated with poly paint support and millions of polys
  24. Thank you all, for now I prefer to stick to octane or redshift as they are widely used and recognized as production render engines. Arnold would have been great but I do not expect solid angle to have a metal version any time soon. So I guess I should prioritize GPU’s and invest in either the Pro Vega II or 2x W5700X and a 12-core CPU.
  25. Yeah I thought about it but it doesn’t work on AMD GPU’s. And if I’m to render on CPU only, AMD’s threadrippers are a much better deal than intel’s super expensive/under powered xeons.
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