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  1. Not sure how to add points to falloff

    Nvm I just pressed ctrl+click and it did it
  2. Hi, should be an easy one! Just not sure how to add points to this falloff spline. I'm hoping to make it look similar to the mountain if this is the right way of going about it?
  3. Does anyone know how these were made?

    Thanks for the replies guys I didn't get notifications for some reason. I'll have a crack at it with the gradient texture :)
  4. Hi I really like these gifs but have no idea of how they were made:
  5. Hi I really want to make a smooth displacement but I keep getting these jaggies. Smoothing does some of the work but I want to keep the steep edges, just with the curves being smooth. I was wondering if the noise image is pixellated? Not sure how this could happen since doesn't it scale up in size without losing quality? I've also included an image to just show how subdivided it is. Thanks, Isaac
  6. Front of scene clipping

    When I switch to parallel mode it moves and zooms the camera right into the center with the clipping present
  7. Front of scene clipping

    Actually the difference was that when I opened it in a new file it wasn't in the parallel camera mode. When I put it back into parallel the clipping came back. I guess I just have to edit in perspective mode and render in parallel?
  8. Front of scene clipping

    The objects were made in c4d, I copied it into a new file and the clipping has gone :) Thanks!
  9. Front of scene clipping

    I've tried that as well, it doesn't help :(
  10. Front of scene clipping

    Here's what it looks like: I've looked around and the advice I've found is to change the view clipping but that doesn't help.