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  1. Antman

    Oh dear thanks for the tips, I really found it strange at first but it was requested this way, with a human body, but I liked the tips I will try to work a little ant characteristics in the body
  2. Antman

    Ah yes well remembered. Yes a sculpture and I will take it to 4D cinema. It will spo spo a still image. An art of rendering only
  3. Antman

    Hi everyone, I wanted to ask some tips for you, I have a project for a friend in the Amazon, he needs a character, mascot where the theme is being a challenge for me, he wants an ant character with a human body in a capoeira pose , perhaps only playing an instrument of capoeira. I am developing this idea, but I am open to criticism and tips as this project is a great challenge for me. I want to end it in cinema 4d
  4. Fantastic!! Thank you for sharing
  5. Shaman

    I even used a sss vray shader in c4d, but I'm still learning to
  6. Shaman

    Thanks friend
  7. Shaman

    Thanks Is true HSrdelic
  8. Shaman

    https://www.artstation.com/artwork/WOV2D Personal work developed for studies, concept of the character of the artist Igor Krstic
  9. Shaman

    Hello people, share with you a personal project that was producing and also using 4D cinema https://www.artstation.com/artwork/WOV2D
  10. And then everyone is good, sharing with you my participation in the artstation challenge. More details at the link below https://www.artstation.com/artwork/XwJgD
  11. Heroes of Asgard

    Ah yes I used yes, but I did not buy it for now, but I'm already thinking this for the future
  12. Heroes of Asgard

    Thanks friend, it took me about a month to model everything, and an unhurried personal work t o do Thanks friend, i need to study more skin shader, even then thanks for the tip
  13. Alright guys, share with you a personal work that was developed. Finished in C4D Vray, more detlahes in my artstation Https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8EoPR