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  1. Ah yes I used yes, but I did not buy it for now, but I'm already thinking this for the future
  2. Thanks friend, it took me about a month to model everything, and an unhurried personal work t o do Thanks friend, i need to study more skin shader, even then thanks for the tip
  3. Alright guys, share with you a personal work that was developed. Finished in C4D Vray, more detlahes in my artstation Https://
  4. Thanks Friend!!!
  5. Hello everybody good? Sharing here with you my reel with some work, I used a lot of movies 4d, Thanks
  6. Oh My God!!! Good, Good, congratulations
  7. I never change my name not, why?
  8. SIgor sorry, I did not understand your question
  9. Thank you Guys.
  10. Hello guys, I wanted to share with you my portfolio Cinema 4D, hope you like, Thank you!
  11. more information, thank you
  12. GoooooooD!! Congratulations!!
  13. Good friend, thanks for the tip and praise
  14. Hello everybody all right? I wanted to share with you a working person I made to participate in the Olympics the event UNiversoC4D, hope you enjoy! Thanks!
  15. Thank you