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  1. Folding Door Rigging

    Thank you for helping Jed. Appreciate that :)
  2. Folding Door Rigging

    What I mean is use different rig method and still using Xpresso. Sorry for unclear question.
  3. Folding Door Rigging

    I wonder if there is another way to create something like this using Xpresso, but still customizable. rigged folding door (test).c4d
  4. This is spiderbot I create.

    Thank you ! It's a girl btw hehe Can I have one ?
  5. Patterns

    It's amazing idea !!!
  6. This is spiderbot I create.

    To be honest, I learn cinema 4d maybe for 1 year, but not too intense to learn then now. And I'm 21 y.o :) I just not too understand the rigging system, that's way I ask here for critics. "how its work in real life" I just keep asking while I design it. But I still think its not enough. Thank you Dave for the criticism and response :)
  7. This is spiderbot I create.

    Well thank you :) It's my computer maybe, the playback is not realtime. So I couldn't indicate how slow or fast it is.
  8. Hi guys, I need a critique for this animation. I just create simple rigging and create motion with CMotion on c4d. It's not that good model by the way. hope someone could give a feedback for this scene. thanks. spider CMotion.c4d
  9. advice for learning curve c4d and vray

    Actually that's the problem too (good idea). I'm not thinking clearly this week. I seemed too focus on good result, searching every single problem on scene, but never get a clear result. I'll keep trying on knowing c4d, and get a deadline :)
  10. advice for learning curve c4d and vray

    Thanks for the advice !! it's great advice by the way. Maybe 2 years or less I'll get there. I just need to focus on one at the time. Thanks again dude, appreciate that :)
  11. advice for learning curve c4d and vray

    I'm happy to wait :)
  12. advice for learning curve c4d and vray

    C4d is my first 3d application. I haven't decide yet for what 3D area I'm, but I like motion or animation. My vray version is 3.4. Hope you could help :)
  13. Hi guys, I need advice for learning c4d and vray. Guidance for where to start learn those two program. I confused a lot when I rendering with vray. I learn nothing in 7 days, just struggling with rendering. It would be great if I get the answer. thanks
  14. How to use TP move on surface preset?

    thank you very much teknow. hope I could understand then :)
  15. How to use TP move on surface preset?

    Amazing, I'll try it. Thank you very much 3DKiwi :)