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  1. Cheers, Cafe Logo Designer. Barely used the surface deformer so far but you're right - works like a charm!
  2. Thanks a lot for you help! @ digitvisions - the only problem we have with this solution is that I might need to parent several splines to each joint and then manually delete all the stitches that shouldn't move with the according joint. Nonetheless I didn't think of it and sometimes there's got to be done a little bit of dirty work for it to work so cheers for that! @ adambelis - interesting system with the Tracer and Matrix! A simple rearrangement took care of the priority problem, the Matrix obj goes first, followed by the Tracer and the 'seams' Clone obj at the end. I'm working with constraints every now and then and basically you can solve most of your priority problem by rearranging (or using the shift priority tag +R18). C4D's natural order of calculating solvers and constraints is top to bottom so always keep an eye out for that, especially if one object needs the input of another object. Again, cheers for your help, much appreciated! Spline_animated_Polygon-adam-new_order.c4d
  3. Hi there, I've been trying a lot of different things but I don't seem to find a solution for my problem and I would really appreciate it if anybody could point me to the right direction. It's quite possible there is an easy solution for this with Xpresso, so far I only needed it once so my experience with Xpresso is almost non existent. What I'm trying to do is have a spline that moves according to an animated, weighted polygon. The spline itself was created from a loop selection of said polygon and it should basically move exactly like the selected loop. Because it's a weighted Polygon I don't think I can simply use Null objects and constraint them to the spline. The polygon is an animated backrest and I'd like to add seam stitches via the spline, just like I did with other parts of the sofa that weren't animated. Once the backrest moves the stitches should move accordingly. If someone has an idea how to realize this, please let me know! Thanks Hammertime Spline_animated_Polygon.c4d
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