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  1. Thank you all... I will have a look at those... I did get a decent result by looking at it the other way around and animated the ore first then parented the hand to a null linked to the ore...! Seemed to work. Thanks again
  2. Hello I am trying to re-create an arm rowing I have rigged my arm etc and have managed to constrain the hand area to a cylinder (my Oar) and it follows the motion fine... but when rowing the oar has a fixed pivot point... this is what I can not work out. I have tried driving the rotation of the oar through the position of the hand controller but even though this did mean my pivot point was correct this produced some very crazy results in the rotation..... C4D scene Attached. Any help would be greatly appreciated... I have searched and can not find anything that seems to relate to the same issue. Thanks Matt Arm_Rowing_Test.c4d

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