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  1. You may want to try the "set parent" command which doesn't expand the hierarchy. It works both in 3D view and in object manager. For quick access you can place it in a custom palette or in HUD.
  2. Hello, one way that comes to my mind - place the cube inside a null, move the null's axis to the floor level, scale the null in Object (not Model) mode. Hope this helps. Cheers
  3. Well you're right, dragging the axis handles seems to be doing the job:) But still, sometimes you don't see the handles, eg. when you've temporarily "zoomed" them out of the viewport - then Shift+drag comes in handy. In Blender one can work without touching the handles at all - this is the part of C4D workflow that I'm still getting used to... Cheers
  4. Hi, about locking the axis - try dragging the object while holding Shift. (Hold Shift > click&hold on the object or empty space - but not the axis > start dragging. The movement should be locked to one axis now, no need to unclick XYZ in the menu every time). I'm also coming from Blender and often find C4D's polygonal modelling tools so much less efficient. Curious what R20+ bring in this matter. Best regards
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