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  1. Jetman


    Cinema 4D R19 testing lighting with Pro render
  2. Jetman

    How was Cinema R19 shipped

    Cheers, Normally manually install the updates have my main work machine off line . Have my film work archived on it. Great..
  3. Jetman

    How was Cinema R19 shipped

    Cheers Cerbera, So is there another link to app downloads feel I'm in the dark on this one.There is only the main application listed in my e-portfolio nothing else. Their pretty thin on the ground with info should have probably sprung for the extra $45 NZ for the pack version but that seemed a little on the nose..
  4. Jetman


    Love it, very cool concept!
  5. Jetman

    How was Cinema R19 shipped

    Hi, Just wondering how people received there version of R19 I was told it was a download only. R18 last year was a USB stick in the standard packaging. Have an Eportfolio account but download is only 327 mb and when unzipped seems to be missing most of the Browser Lib content. Be interested in how it was delivered to other parts of the world.