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  1. Thanks so much, it was right in front of my eyes but I didn't see it! -Davide
  2. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to change the maximum number of undo's possible in C4D, similar to Photoshop's capability. I sometimes find I cannot undo past a certain point, and thus need to start over from an archived version of the part I am working on (if it can't be cleaned up). Being able to undo 100 times, or even just 50, would be helpful. Thanks, Davide
  3. @Rectro you're a genius. I tried copying the object into a blank scene and, low and behold, it extrudes normally! So then I copied all the objects to a blank scene, and it again is extruding normally. So weird. I have no idea what changed in my scene file to cause this, but it seems using a new scene file resolves the issue. This was a huge headache, so thankful it is resolved! -Davide
  4. @Rectro @bezo The project scale is 1cm in both R17 and R20. Grid spacing appears to be the same for both, but I'm not sure. It looks like it changes from 1,000cm to 100cm depending on if C4D is maximized or not. Note this extrude problem does not occur on every object in my scene, only certain objects. Other objects in the scene extrude normally in R20. It's only a few that act weird like this. So I'm thinking its not a global property, more likely an object property? -Davide
  5. Hello all, I've noticed that extruding a part in R20 extrudes at a different distance than in R17. In R17, a 1 cm extrude, for example, will extrude all parts in my scene the same distance. However, when I open the same scene file in R20 and try extruding part 1 cm, some parts extrude 1 cm, but other barely extrude .05 cm. See screenshots below. The first image is the 1cm extrude in R17 (as expected). the second image is the 1cm extrude on the exact same part in R20 (barely a sliver). Why would there be this inconsistency in R20? Is it a bug, or a scaling setting that I am missing for that part? Thanks, Davide
  6. I was wondering if newer versions of C4D have tackled the hole problem, i.e., making decent hole with good geometry (or maybe improved Boolean?) The only method I'm aware of is using a -100% bevel on a point, adding some subdivisions to the bevel, then extruding the inner faces, and patching up the outer geometry to remove ngons. But can't a plugin do this with one click? Surely, by now you would think someone has developed a plugin to make holes, no? -Davide
  7. I was wondering if there is a way to change the default PAN (Alt+Middle Mouse) to Alt+Right Click instead. It's not a huge problem to my workflow---having to adjust muscle memory when switching applications---but...in a way it is, since I also use 3ds, Daz, Mari, Vue, zBrush, Marvelous Designer, and 3d Coat, I find myself having to adjust muscle memory constantly. So if I can at least standardize a few of my applications to use the same viewport controls, it would be very helpful for my overall workflow. Note, I do not mind having to use a workaround if necessary (for example, if it is possible to program a mouse, using a macro, or some special software or plugin). Thanks all, Davide
  8. Hello, When dragging and dropping objects onto the parent of a tree list, C4D places it in the top position. But in my workflow, I like to place newer objects at the bottom of the tree. I was wondering if it is possible to set C4D to automatically default to the bottom instead of top when objects are dragged and dropped into a tree structure? Thanks! Davide EDIT: mod, please move my thread to the appropriate forum. My mistake.
  9. Hi, wow thank you. That is pretty much exactly what I need... missing some important options, like flipping z-axis and exporting single MTL file... but they get the job done. Edit: Updated my profile to reflect R20 Thanks again, Davide
  10. I have always used the wonderful plugin "Riptide Pro" to export my animations to object sequences. However, Riptide no longer supports R20 or above, and therefore I am in need of a new solution to export OBJ sequences. I was wondering if anyone here knew of a plugin suitable for this purpose? Thanks! -Davide
  11. I just realized something, does it quadrangulate the ENTIRE SCENE, or just the SELECTED OBJECT, or just the VISIBLE OBJECT. I am so used to to hiding objects that I don't want exported (I use Riptide pro) that I assume all plugins behave in this manner. Can you please clarify, thanks.
  12. wow, it's like a decimater/polygon reduction tool, but 10x better b/c it uses quads. The only issue I'm having is time. It's been 30 minutes and it is still working on a 200k tri object (see attached screenshot). Not sure why it is taking so long, is this normal? Also, the plugin window does not have all the options as yours in your video above. Mine just shows the percent slider and 2 check-boxes for preserve sharp edges and use min-cost flow. Nothing else. Using R17. Here is what I see so far: Starting retopo Exporting obj 76191 c:\users\davide\appdata\local\temp\tmp694hup.obj c:\users\davide\appdata\local\temp\tmpklmybd.obj Initialize... Initialize use time: 76.462000 Solve Orientation Field... Use 87.575000 seconds Solve for scale... Use 1.148000 seconds Solve for position field... Use 349.502000 seconds Solve index map... Thanks, great work, hoping to see more development!
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