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  1. I'm trying to build a library of my own materials, but I don't want to bog my startup drive with gigabytes of texture maps. I noticed GSG's Redshift material .lib4d file doesn't contain these maps, which is why you have to manually point to a location in the preferences after installation. But when I drag my material into the content browser, it seems to save the maps automatically and I can't seem to find a way around this. I can right-click on the saved material and select "update texture paths" but nothing happens. I spun my wheels long enough on this, and the MAXON Help file on this subject seems to be a little thin on info. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  2. Ohhhh, I didn't realize my profile said lite. Better change that!
  3. 3D Quakers got back to me really quickly: When purchasing Forester, you get both PC and Mac versions to download and install. If you are using the same Cinema 4D serial on both your PC and Mac, the Forester license key you get after purchase will enable you to install Forester on both. If you want to use Forester on another machine with another Cinema 4D serial number, then a new Forester license purchase would be required.
  4. The site says: Forester for Windows is compatible with Cinema 4D 64-bits R14, R15, R16, R17, R18 and R19. Forester for Mac OS X is compatible with Cinema 4D 64-bits R16, R17, R18 and R19. But when I get to the shopping cart, it doesn't seem to give you the choice, you just buy it. Does it come with both platforms?
  5. It doesn't work for me, I can only change the thickness, not the offset or taper. I'm looking for a fix, or at the very least an alternate that works like this.



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