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  1. Yes I did that way to right side object... but this way, problem is can't make the disk cloner to follow the spline. Left one is I make disk to align to spline and keyframe it than put in a null together and put it in cloner. and this way can't apply target effector because every cloned objects are being orient to camera..
  2. I made these disks connected with lines objects At first IMG. Right side object's looks is what I want but I have problem with animation looks pretty but I can't makes them follows to spline And left one is what I want to do. I applied Align to Spline tag to disk so I can keyframe it looks like branch growing. But disks are not target to camera... Any ideas to solving this animation? ConnectLine.c4d
  3. WOW! Thank you sir! It's glad to hear that I get in into right track I will gonna try! Super Thank you sir! Ahbin
  4. Oh... I spelled wrong seem *seam... haha... Ok I understand frontal mapping is wrong method because thickness is overlap a top each other. Ok I followed it. You know the cherry blossom has no thickness. so I think using the SSS is kind not fit in my case. If I want to make my ref IMG feeling it should be stacking each other. am I right? But I need petals are scattered and floating on water surface so I change SSS to backlight shader. Is it getting right way to doing correctly?
  5. Thank you! I solved it! but I can't understand define UV seem part. (I think my poor English level is problem to understand) because.. Asset has only 1 polygon so there have no out lines of petal.. Anyway but you mentioned about Frontal projection mapping and it's very helpful! I re-modeling it, extrude it and Frontal mapping it. and it's works! Thank you again! Ahbin
  6. Thank you for your reply! In this case , Asset is made with just one rectangle polygon so, I should re-modeling it. Is it right? Ahbin
  7. Hi I downloaded 3D modeling Asset and it's has UV texture but Asset has only one polygon so I can't get a SSS to looks like realistic petal like this this is my ref. I want to make kind this feeling but mine is So I just extrude it but, there has a problem. the side of petal is empty. How to make side UV? Petal.zip
  8. Wow Thank you for your kindness! I had a great hint for your [should be modelling the thickness in almost from the beginning] Thank you so much I'll contact you
  9. Hi I'm not good at English so if there has any word make you uncomfortable is wan't my purpose... please understand my poor language... I practice hard surface modeling and it was really frustrating me... This is my reference photo I had facing 2 issue with this first is how to modeling outside and also inside in one object? second is how to make thickness with two side modeling? I didn't solved first problem so, I made one by one separately But I solved? or not second problem is just put it in a cloth and make thickness.... easy way so this is my finished work It's seem OK but but mine's topology is very terrible I want to know better way to doing this... My question is how to make in and out side modeling at the same time? and after all the details is finished how to make thick? I can't get it Making one side, only visible side modeling and make it thick. I can. but this kinde was so challenged to me and is it possible to make with AI path? to make this kind object? 8-Track_001.c4d
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