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  1. Many thanks for all the great hints, I'll be working on all of the comments. in conclusion I need some 3D enhancement and maybe a workshop in Photoshop post production. Anyone knows if Cinema 4D is capable of such a renderings? I'm started to be worried that it's not possible in Cinema 4d :(
  2. I'm trying to work on this, it's really important as you mentioned. Thanks for the hint.
  3. Thank you Digitvisions, this is very encouraging things to say. The company I work in offered me a workshop, and they told me to make a research and choose what I need for a more realistic rendering, that's why I'm still on the search of where to go. Thanks again.
  4. You are totally right Cerbera, it would be much more realistic when putting some random grass or tree's leaves and some dirt maybe in textures. But if I want to make a workshop to make my work better, in which field do you think I shall go? modeling, lighting, C4D light or Vray renderer or maybe Postproduction? This really confuses me. Thanks.
  5. You are totally right, and I really appreciate your points. But I need to show you more examples in order maybe to get the picture cleared for everyone. I'll attach two more images (my work VS the other company), hopefully we can find how to get there... I'm trying for about 6 months now... But there's always something missing... The two images (man can directly tell which one is more realistic...)
  6. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows how to make such a renderings. I tried to make similar quality, but something is still missing... anyone knows how can I reach that quality? I attached my rendering(the white house) VS the other company's rendering (brick house). please let me know if you have any hint... Thanks.