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  1. no. just plain objects with a lot of polygons
  2. I was wondering why my render time was so long with so few elements in it. I had a lot of elements in my project for which I checked the renderer and edited to off. Then I deleted the elements and the render time was incredible fast. Is this a bug? I can't recall I had this issue back in R17.
  3. I did. Still waiting for an answer. My colleague also stated a support ticket. Their answer was "it is under investigation, it could take months for an answer"
  4. I have 5 iMacs and a MacBook Pro running R20. But Team render is not very stable. Now and then one or more machines don’t take part in a Team render job and randomly Cinema on 1 or more machines just crashes. Anyone have a clue?
  5. Found it. In project settings "command-D" under Dynamics-Visualisation uncheck "Contact Points".
  6. that's strange. when I cache the simulation they are gone. But what cause them to appear if not cached?
  7. Just playing with dynamics a little bit. I try to get rid off the black dots. Checked all filters and configured the hud and view settings but they still remain. How can I turn them off so I can make a quick OpenGL animation without the annoying black dots?
  8. Thanks Hrvoje I will tell the Autocad guy.
  9. Scene file. https://we.tl/t-sJ48nQiQID R17 settings R20 settings
  10. I just exported a project for Autocad and use the new orientation option in the R20 FBX export. When exporting the model is imported upside down. Even when I check the flip Z-axis option the model is upside down. Is this a bug or am I missing another export option?
  11. I have an issue while rendering a camera animation of a 150MB scene. While rendering a single frame to the picture viewer the render time is about 2 minutes. When I try to render a sequence of all 3000 frames each frame will render for 20 minutes. What could be wrong. I am still on R17.



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