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  1. Hello. Selling R20 perpetual License for £1100. I can provide receipt of orignal purchase ect. If you'd like to upgrade to R21 with the msa I belive you would have to purchase before the end of the month and then buy the msa. send me a message if interested. Thanks
  2. Thanks for checking it out, glad you like it. The horope version is decent but when I start moving it about the fresher intersects with the rope a little, and the other ropes can pass through each other, aiming to hang 3 together all off their own string next to one another like in a car. The dynamic spline version that doesn't use connectors is a better setup and does everything I need, its just the jittering I'm struggling with. Tried a cylinder on it like a bead with nice even mesh and it started jittering up the string.
  3. Hello Working on an animation series but it seems to be taking forever, everything I do dynamic related I think wont take more than an hour to set up, and a day later I'm still playing around and getting no where usually with jittering issues. Basically I want to hang a car air freshener off a loop of string and it swing about, I hope to have 3 or 4 hanging together eventually, I've seen rigs of just a single string but I need it to loop. The top of the loop dose not need to be visible but would be a bonus. I've research dynamics to death, a soft body tag on a spline sort of works, but it just keeps jittering and then eventually falls through. Tried all the tricks to reduce this, from upping frame steps, angular/velocity dampening, collision boundaries etc but none the closer. I've also tried horope creating a chain of connectors, but the freshener passes through the mesh and its also not a great setup if you want to set initial state compared with the previous. I've attached my project, any help would be great. air freshner dynamic post.zip
  4. Hey, I've been playing with spline dynamics recently and found that using a soft body tag on a spline gives much more control especially when it comes to self collision. Spline dynamics should do what you need but if want some extra control check this video out on cineversity, you could use a spring tag to release the rope, you will need studio however. https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/siggraph_2016_rewind_-_chris_schmidt_creating_advanced_controllable_dynamic
  5. Thanks for your reply, yeah after some research I agree zeitguised used Marvalous Designer to animate it and then rendered it out from C4D, but I'll have ago at modelling it then optimising and adding some soft body tags and see what happens. Been trying to see how far I can push the dynamics in C4D.
  6. Hello I've been going through various tutorials online but not really getting too far. I want to create some squishy pool rectangular inflatables like in this video https://www.behance.net/gallery/46717271/MTV-AWARDS-2016. I watched Greyscalegorrila video on creating a maylar balloon to create a still inflatable balloon, using dress O matic but I'm not sure how to then make it a dynamic animation. I've tried using just the soft body tag with a point tag on a rectangular shape divided equally on all sides with reasonable topology with the stiffness along the edges, it sort of works but you don't get those tight creases. I've also tried it on a rectangle shape with large beveled edges with the dress O matic applied to the edges, to make it look like an inflatable, then a soft body tag after, but once again the edges look fairly smooth even with a fair amount of topology and losses more tension. I'm wondering how to define the seams a little better. I also really like this video by zeitguised, to me this looks like just a cloth tag with different particle effectors, but the seams and the tension around the edges look so well defined not sure if it is a case of constraint on the edges with stiffness. Any tips would really be appreciated.
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