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  1. I am not if I understand what you want , is what you want lets say create a glass and render it then get the the final render into a bitmap without rendering ?
  2. How did you model this ? disable the bend deformer and select one of the side polygons and delete it , now you won't see a hold , instead , if you select in the same place of the removed poly you would select a big N-gon , delete it and the poylgons would be normal , do the same for the other sides . but honestly , you can just re model it under 2 min without any n-gons and without such headache
  3. he is using R18.028
  4. maybe your CPU is slow , or the image size to big for your CPU to handle
  5. you can give it a lifetime or use a killer object to delete the particles when they leave a certain volume . but you can't make the particles fade , it is either visible or invisible , because the particle it self is like a pixel , so it stores one visibility value
  6. yes , it is possible , you can . but AFAIK you won't be able to see it in real time while painting , so you can create a transparency channel or just create it on the color channel then use it for the transparency (paint using black and white and grey shades only . )
  7. I would do it on a simple mesh without holes then transfer the animation with the mesh deformer to your net mesh so it will look nicer without stretch
  8. the UV is not the problem , the problem is that you have 2 mats and one is set to flat and the other one is to cubic . the cubic one is restricted to selection , just remove the selection from the texture tag and it would look good
  9. yes , they are weird , But it is hard to control , I leave almost every thing to relaxation algorithm . is there another way ?
  10. thanks for feedback :) do you mean I should spread islands and get more space between them , or make them a little bigger to use more space ?
  11. Hello , here is the UVs of a character I made earlier (not finished yet , when I am more satisfied with the look I will post the character pics ) the pic with some yellow polys is for the t-shirt , and the other one is for the pant and the last one is the main character body C&C are welcome , each one of them took me less than 4 minutes (and more time to think how could I do it lol )
  12. you have to have 3ds max installed to use it did you try to download the trial version ? also there is this app , you can download the demo , and if you like it you can buy it (I haven't used it before )
  13. @kalugin made a script called multi-paste , I can't find the post where he shared it , but maybe he or someone have the download link
  14. it is quite complex , if they added the ability for user modifications it would be hard to keep the rig working . but I think they should add more rigs , or at least make more rigs and add them as an optional update , so problems like this won't happen .
  15. it is weird , I think it was a bug , now when I try to recreate it it moves the front legs ...