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  1. Smooth character animation

    The concept of natural animation is the same across all 3d apps, so you can search for any animation videos and learn from them if you already know the tools of c4d. And a good tip that can help you is to do your animation as rough animation for the main action then gradually fill in the gaps between the frames to get a smoother and more natural look.
  2. Alembic Texturing Workflow

    Hello, I don't know if there is a script like that, but here is a trick: you have multiple allembic scene with the same object structure (same name, same order...etc), right? if so then when you import one of them into c4d, apply the material and do what you have to do in that scene just make a copy of it and save it. In the copy scene file, select all the allembic object, and there is a field for file path, all of your objects share the same one. Now change that file path to your new allembic file, this should swap all the objects while keeping the work that you have done in c4d as it is. Hope this helps... Best regards, Maliohammad
  3. Does anyone know how these were made?

    I think it is the same as @cerbera mentioned, but with sub-surface scattering materials and the circular ones are just layers of half-spheres (hemisphere mode) Edit: also the middle one have it's sphere animated, so I would do that with xpresso or vibrator tag.
  4. Normals?

    Actually it does, just change the angle to 35 and it will make it all quads
  5. Non Planar Faces

    There is nothing like this, and actually impossible for many complex model models. I would say as long your model without sds doesn't have any shading error it is fine.
  6. Time for the next level!

    Good luck :) btw, isn't using manual brushes the way to go for 3d printed models ? (most videos I see online about it just hand paint it with no airbrush)
  7. FREE Tree Generation software!

    Thanks for sharing :) It looks promising, I will check it out and post here later...
  8. Using xpresso to control baked PLA speed

    Hello and welcome to the cafe You can think of xpresso as tool to do things that you can do manually but with less effort and faster time. So in your case if there is no option to manually control the speed of individual objects then I don't think xpresso can help with that.
  9. Hello Probably the plain effector isn't being added to your cloner, effectors like plain effector only work when you add them to the cloner and not globally. In most tutorials they just select the cloner then add a plain effector which will auto-assign your effector to the cloner.
  10. Assign random vertex colors

    I think I will stop doing the script, as I am using R17 which don't have vertex color tag so if I want to make a script I have to make it make multiple materials(one material for each polygon group) which I don't think is optimal.
  11. Rendering Issue

    Every thing is fine, it is just your memory not handling all of the frames at once as it needs to cache them, to view them smoothly save the video and watch it instead, or allow the picture viewer to use more memory(if you have a lot of memory in your machine)
  12. Assign random vertex colors

    Yeah, 3rd party render engines is one of the limitations of this method, and if your object have many groups it will slow down c4d which is the other draw back. I will try to do a script for that, but no promises! My programming skills are very. If anyone else can do it before me/better than mine then it is great :)
  13. Assign random vertex colors

    Hello, You can do it without any script, for those cases: 1-Your object have polygon groups of the same polygon count(e.g. brick wall) Create a new material, then for the color channel insert variation shader, then enable polygon variation, and change the steps to the amount of polygons each group has. 2-Your object does't have an even poly count for each group Put your object inside a fracture object(NOT voronoi fracture!), change the mode from straight to explode segments and connect and put the material from above on it, disable the polygons option and you get the result you are after. P.S. The result will be seen in renderer only and some render engine doesn't support it. Also this doesn't output a vertex color, if you have to get it as a vertex color you may need a plugin or a script. Best regards,
  14. Constrain to animated/deformed vertex

    Just tried it out with one of the characters in the content browser, and to fix it I had to do the following: Go to the constraint tag, "basic" tab and increase the priority to something like 20 and it will follow the animation correctly. Hope this do the trick for you too.