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  1. maliohammad

    modelling problem

    No, I didn't meant that. Under the dynamics tag you can set the dynamics shape.
  2. maliohammad

    modelling problem

    You can make dynamics use a low poly proxy object (usually with much less details) just change the dynamic shape to mesh.
  3. maliohammad

    modelling problem

    No, it is not. It contains a lot of triangles which can cause problems if your surface gets deformed. Try to change them into quad so it becomes a nicer mesh.
  4. maliohammad

    reducing render time

    This is a simple material with very wide spectacular with a low amount. Also next time you have another question, make a new post for it.
  5. maliohammad

    Should be simple right?

    The answers above are pretty much it, but for future reference please don't use such title. Your title should give information about the problem itself, not asking if it is easy or not to do.
  6. maliohammad

    Baking a bump map

    Oh, I just checked the uv of your object. It is a total mess. Try to do some basic UV map and see how it works (baking needs proper uv, not for baking only but for the usage in other apps too)
  7. You don't, it is for render noise amount, and if you use physical renderer set to the automatic mode c4d will do all of that for you. So no need to bother with it.
  8. Oh, my bad. You are correct. Also the forward wind isn't affecting it, you can see that by getting the same result even when it is off. To get rid of it I just turned the turbulence value to 0 and disabled the turbulence deformer.
  9. maliohammad

    Baking a bump map

    Try to bake it as the color/luminance instead then later combine it for the material just to see how it goes.
  10. maliohammad

    Baking a bump map

    Did you try to put the bump texture in the color/luminance channel and bake it instead?
  11. The thing it is a lot of work to do, so doing it for free by 1 or 2 people doesn't seem realistic. I can see a library that anyone here can submit his material too, which works on paper better. Also if you go with community library idea you will need something to make people submit some materials (e.g. Each material you submit let you download 3).
  12. Actually they are. I attached a screenshot for the falloff range. You can try to use other modes if you don't want the second wind deformer to affect the whole area (the white arrow) so you can use box falloff instead.
  13. maliohammad

    C4D chokes on Text... any advice?

    As far as I know it can only happen once.
  14. maliohammad

    deform a helix?

    Oh, good to know!
  15. maliohammad

    deform a helix?

    Wouldn't using the sculpting tools on the spline be easier than on the polygonal object?