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  1. Using Lathe Nurb to create a conch shell

    Hello , personally I would do a rough shape using sweep object and playing around with details tab to match the overall shape , then make a copy editable and do fine tuning manually .
  2. Hey , I don't have an answer for your first question , but for the other one Yes . HDRI is different than png , to make it simple : HDRI stores more value than png (e.g.and hdri image can have a white value above 100% , which helps when doing PBR lighting .)
  3. No Simulation Tag ?!?!?

    Glad you find what you are looking for :D As for the help function , it gives ton of information and best used for stuff like "what does that even do ? " , I have learned a lot from it .
  4. No Simulation Tag ?!?!?

    You can always right click + show help (does that work in R12 ?)
  5. No Simulation Tag ?!?!?

    Hey , did you try to use other effectors like wind and turbulence ?
  6. Hi , if you convert those triangles to a good looking quad it would look much smoother . Optimizing meshes isn't very hard when you get used to it . _____________________________________________________ Good luck to every one ! Unfortunately I couldn't start working on this project , but I will make sure to model this mesh when I get some free time ! (not for the challenge , just for fun )
  7. @VECTOR Hey , can you edit your reply to @Robididan ? as his wireframe is kept in your post :D
  8. Congrats to all the winners ! Hope to see you in the next one too :)
  9. Would I be a sinner if I used boole to model the top part , then retopology it ?
  10. I am not sure if I will have time or not , but anyway , it would be cool if a pic for the full object would be cool , as I didn't see something like this before .
  11. Interesting results, maybe because of the nature of abc files (have to read the text file , then give the info to picture viewer every frame ? ) and for sure RAM have something to do , but not sure if it is the core of the problem or not . and some few random questions (I will number them , so you can answer them easier ) : 1- Did you try to view your scene without textures (N-Q) ? 2-Does your Pc and your Co-worker's have the same clock speed CPU (ghz ) ? 3-Is your Co-worker's hard drive faster (like he have ssd , and you have hhd ) ? 4-Does exporting as abc give the same ram error ? 5-Did you try to use the jiggle deformer to cache your animation ? And you can also try finding a PC with every thing similar to yours (CPU,GPU, Harddrive ...etc) but have a higher ram and see if it makes an impact (I guess it does )
  12. Well , this is kind of ... a lot . is the 7GB for one tree or all of them ? because a mid quality liquid sim geometry will be around 10 GB. I like allebic because when they are ready , they run so fast in c4d (they are stored as text files , and c4d reads them ) btw , allembic files work with cloner , deformers and generators .
  13. Terrain Painting

    Substance or Mari will give you textures that can be used with any render engine, you just need to know where you have to put them
  14. Advanced Procedural Landscaping

    btw , there is a good example scene in studio library which can help you learn a lot (Hint : it is made by eric :D)
  15. Advanced Procedural Landscaping

    Thanks for sharing , I will make sure to watch it , as I am a big fan of Eric work !