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  1. After watching WWDC 17 : -There will be Metal 2 - a new iMac pro soon -a new mac pro
  2. it would have been easier in photoshop , but in c4d you add the pic into a distorter shader or into a layer shader with distort effect
  3. it is not that big of a deal , you can do it manually in just 30 min , if you are interested let me know , and I will try to help with it :)
  4. you don't have to do the uv with the cloth nurb , just do it to the pyramid , here is a file that shows you that the cloth nurb won't affect anything . you are just wasting time trying to unwrap a cloth nurb
  5. yes , you have to make it editable ,but in your case it is already editable (you don't have to make the effectors and other things editable )
  6. you will just unrap the pyramid , and then every thing should work fine . no need to make it editable and do it piece by piece
  7. in R18 , you can do it with voronoi fracture , in R17 , you have to use a plugin (not sure if they can do this pattern ) or manually cutting them using boole , but it is time consuming , and each time you want to change something you have to do a lot of work . then add them into a fracture object and add the effectors to it
  8. Oh, my bad . if he wants to restrict things , then I would go with sketch and toon , as it is easier to work with
  9. FAQ

    personally I think the search function is there for things like this , and even if someone made the FAQ posts , I am sure most people won't bother to read it and just ask the question again and again .
  10. I will do them both with sculpting
  11. search for "cell render in c4d " there is many ways to do it one of them is just to render in hardware mode to get the same view as viewport
  12. Hello , you can do this using the highlights filter which will add flares depending on brightness , or use the built-in lens flare to make the light have permeant lens flare
  13. Sure , it is better now :) I think the flag needs some more work in textures
  14. Personally I don't care if the " Asker " didn't ever bother to read the answer or say "thank you " as I am sure someday , someone will be searching the internet for his question and get my post which helps him , which makes me feel better , I go into this mind set especially when I am creating a video tut . There is another type of people that makes me laugh , when they ask a question , you answer .. a few seconds they say they had a problem ..etc then after they get the final solution they never come back or say anything , so I know they just find the answer and move on ... but there is a problem that happens to people without them meaning anything bad , which the "notify me of replies " is off by default , so someone might forgot to turn it on and thinks no one answered his question or replied to his post , this happened to me personally a few times , when I look at my posts I am like "Oh , there is 3 replies that I didn't know about !" usually I reply after that . so isn't it possible to turn the "notify " for the Topic poster by default ?
  15. to get thing starting , try to avoid 100% white , add some oranges or bluish tint (subtle , if it is too much it won't look nice ) this tut helped me a lot , so it might help you too :