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  1. uniformly scale multipal objects

    No, I meant the scale tool. There is "Send modeling command" tool but I can't find the ID for the scale tool. The thing is with your code it changes the scale not the size of the object, but using the scale tool will allow for exact size change using something like this s1=initial size of that axis, s2= the target final size on that axis. Then do something like this ratio = s2/s1 Then use the ratio to change the size of the object by 150%, 200%...etc Yeah, but wouldn't it be more user friendly as they will just click one icon and that's it?
  2. uniformly scale multipal objects

    It is simple to do with simple math problem, but I can't get how to use the scale tool in Python. Have you worked with python before?
  3. uniformly scale multipal objects

    Don't you have something like this?
  4. uniformly scale multipal objects

    Go to project settings (ctrl_D), then scale objects and enter the target size that you want.
  5. Layer visibility toggle keeps failing

    Just the first layer, where he have all the other layers of building set but it doesn't work.
  6. Maybe it is a GSG problem? Try to use HDRI with a sky object and see. If the problem still happens maybe you can make a simple version with just one capsule and the jar and an empty sky object.
  7. Hello, In render settings, options, increase ray depth/ reflection depth (I think it needs reflection depth, but if it doesn't work try the other)
  8. Rendering Transparency to a PNG

    It seems a problem with your material. Just increase the absorbance distance.
  9. Black background

    No problem. But what do you get? one image from your image sequence can help to see the problem. Maybe the artist just used black background/sky so check for that.
  10. Layer visibility toggle keeps failing

    I guess C4D layers don't work with part of an object in a cloner unless the change is for the whole thing.
  11. Physical sky and sky at the same time?

    Just use soft box lights (create a plane, cube or circle) then add a radial gradient material to it, you can increase the intensity more than 100% to get the desired look.
  12. How to make the triangles in this case?

    Hello, the top surface is symmetrical in 2 axises, so you can use that to speed up the process. As for the triangles just draw spline similar to their shapes then use the Sweep object with a n-gon spline set to 2 sides and a small radius. This will create a nice row of edge loops around the triangles and the rest is just filling the object with nice quads.
  13. Twisted Foil Wrapper

    As far as I know you should still be able to use deformers. But if you use the chains method then you can use them to get the twist effect too.
  14. Twisted Foil Wrapper

    I would go with creating 4 joint chains, each going to a corner or the rectangle (your foil) then animate it manually. This way is much more predictable than using dynamics or cloth
  15. Black background

    Hello and welcome to the cafe! Render settings (ctr+b)--> save--> alpha channel (enable this checkbox) And change the file format to something that supports alpha. If it doesn't work, we will need you to describe what are you getting exactly.