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  1. Hello, We would also like to know what you did. Seriously, it is insanely hard to guess anything without information about your setup or a sample scene file.
  2. Hello and welcome to the Cafe! I think it is very doable when you divide it into multiple mospline objects and choose a right formula, you can check the attached file for a rough example. TreeSetup.c4d.zip
  3. I would create a a bridge like geometry from the disc object to make connecting the neck much easier.
  4. Hello, Your problem is that you want to use 2 methods at the same time. You either use the collision deformer only or the dynamics. For a cartoony simple look I would go with the collision deformer and delete the dynamic tags. Then set the collision mode to "outside (volume)" Or if you are looking for a realistic look delete the collision deformer, reduce the segments of the sphere to something like 36, change its type to hexahedron. Then to make the ball not go totally flat you go to the soft body settings and change the stiffness to something like 10 (more or less dep
  5. As far as I can see this is using a plugin, but in the thumbnail you can see a big UV map, which should be the trick for getting it to bake properly.
  6. All Xpresso tags are empty beside the one on object "Cloner02", if that wasn't the case you either didn't save it or a bug happened.
  7. You can do it using Pose morph as you make 2 objects your original object and a copy of your donut with a rectangular hole (you must use the same points count, so just modify your original object). You can find many videos on this, on of them is by GreyScaleGorilla.
  8. You can take a look at this video tutorial, you will need to deform the motor and then arrange it so it look like it was caused by the bus by using objects like cubes to save you time.
  9. I am not too keen on the idea of baking objects without good UV since it can result in poor quality. Maybe if you say what worked out?
  10. Simple question, did you double click the expresso tag to open it?
  11. Hi, Try to put the whole thing in a connect object and bake it. If it doesn't work make a copy of your file then make that connect object editable.
  12. Nice job. For some reason I prefer the colors in the screenshot more than the final image, the chain on the final image has a bit too much green.
  13. Hi, Just click the tag, then right click on of the options in that tag and select "show help".
  14. Hello, I am not sure what you did to your lights, but even taking one of them to a new scene make it light one side only. When I created a new light it worked perfect, so my advice it create new lights in a new scene and make sure the settings you use don't change how they behave then transfer them back in your original scene.
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