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  1. Imported FBX to Character

    Well, as you can see it involves a lot of manual work to re adjust it. I haven't seen the tutorial so I can't give you information about their method.
  2. Hello, isn't this what you are looking for? https://greyscalegorilla.com/tutorials/how-to-make-a-hydraulic-arm-in-cinema-4d-part-revisited/
  3. Imported FBX to Character

    As we tried before, retarget tag doesn't work really well with imported fbx and c4d character object. Here is an old post that we has about the retarget workflow
  4. Imported FBX to Character

    Simple answer: No. you have to do some work not just a few clicks here and there
  5. Black Dots in Render

    Please add your C4d version into your profile. And this is an amazing video to show you GI settings.
  6. MAXON Quick Tip #200

    Really nice, wasn't expecting this tbh
  7. Black Dots in Render

    Without profile details it is hard to help you, simply because settings is different from one version to another. But in general just increase your GI settings (maybe AO too, but first disable AO, fix it then enable AO again(
  8. As Fastbee mentioned, MAXON is slowly making the viewport like that.
  9. Texture issues

    Hello and welcome to the cafe! Simply because your objects don't have proper UVW map, so to fix this, you either need to make proper UV map for each object that fits this texture (Which is not hard at all) or use different mode like cubic.
  10. Face Mask Modeling

    Hello and welcome to the cafe! For this model all you need is just some simple SDS modeling, once you learn that you can make the objects you want (with practice and patience). You can search the YouTube for videos about it, then you have to prepare reference images (frontal, and side one).
  11. Rebirth of DPIT Effex

    This seems really interesting, Dpit had an amazing engine that produces high end results, while X-particles brought the user friendly approach. Looking forward to see their integration.
  12. Filter out null selection from viewport

    Select menu-> Selection filters -> (disable all other things beside Nulls)
  13. Get data from the color wheel?

    I am not sure if you can access the values using Python or not, but those values aren't impossible to recreate. In fact there is mathematical formula for each type, they are called Color Harmonies. So you can get the current color value, and do the math to get the other two. Color choose types in C4D: http://c4d.cn/help/r17/US/html/54503.html The math: This can be complex, as you have to change the color value from RBG to HSL, then you can change the HSL value using some formulas. Discussion includes the conversations: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14095849/calculating-the-analogous-color-with-python Math formula for all the types: https://www.ethangardner.com/articles/2009/03/15/a-math-based-approach-to-color-theory-using-hue-saturation-and-brightness-hsb/
  14. Animated Camera Zoom

    IDK what you mean by this, linear interpolation gives even and steady movement.