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  1. Thanks everyone. I made the changes in the original application and re-exported. I have to get a course on using c4d. Are there any architectural courses you would recommend?Thanks
  2. I imported an fbx scene and then saved the scene as a c4d file. I would like to copy an object and move it along the x axis. When I try to move it with the axix in the middle of the screen it will not move the object. Why is there a large axis away from the object I have selected? Why is the axis not on the object I am trying to move? Thanks
  3. I have about 20 objects under an Empty in my kitchen appliance.. How do you prevent or isolate certain parts from being subdivided? Can you mark some edges as sharp to stop them from being rounded. Thanks
  4. Cerbera, thankyou. I have it and it worked. I am relieved to get it working. I appreciate your help.
  5. I cannot find the hypernurbs command in c4d or in the manual.
  6. Thank you Cerbera .I will try to figure it out. It has been a long time since i used c4d.
  7. How do I smooth an eight sided polygonal object? Do I save my imported fbx scene so it is in c4d format. Then how do I smooth the object in the scene? Before the fbx export the object ws smooth. I am using r20.
  8. I will do a search on google, but if someone knows something that would be great.
  9. Does the newest version of renderman work with R20? Is it the cineman plugin that you use. What about 3d delight or luxcorerender? Thanks
  10. Teknow, I just knabed the file. Thank you so much! I will look at it more intensely later. I may have some valuable files to upload to your collection. I will let you know when I am certain. Best Regards, Brent Kjernisted
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