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  1. If you could post the scene, I have a contact with X-Particles.It will also be helpful if you can post screenshots of the object manager to analyze your solution because your image is very close to what I am looking . Thank You.
  2. As I see in the references, I suppose must be on level... or I would prefer it. But the solution you posted is pretty close to the result I am looking for. Could you explain me a bit the workflow?… although I don´t own X-Particles. Thank you.
  3. Hi there, I am trying to found out a way to inheritance a flow of numbers inside a shape (arrow and question mark). The trick is that I want the numbers to have some kind of dynamics and not to be like static inside the shape. It´s like the numbers come from an emitter and then get into the shape to stay floating inside the form (no gravity involved). I know it have to be a cloner with the numbers inside, in object mode and pointing to the shape of the arrow (or others shapes). At the end I will render the animation with a 2D look and feel and then composite the layers inside Nuke or AE. Somebody that can explain me how to deal with this workflow? I have found out this tutorial but t´s not exactly what I am looking for. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MtQ4p2PKnk Thanks in advance.