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  1. Smooth subdivision on one axis only

    Yes, works great! I will have this in mind. Thank you for your suggestion.
  2. Smooth subdivision on one axis only

    Hehe, well, leave the yearning for me then :) and thanks for your replies. /C
  3. Smooth subdivision on one axis only

    Yes, CBR, I agree on your points. But you should see this specific shape as an exaggerated illustrated example only, as the image on the first post, also very simple form to try to explain what I am meaning with the different directions. The question is if it is possible to do a smooth subdivision in one direction only, or different amounts on different directions.
  4. Smooth subdivision on one axis only

    In any given situation where the topology is smooth enough in one direction but not the other. I mean, sometimes you do a full object smooth subdivision and perhaps you get way to many polygons, so you manually delete/melt them. Where as if you could control the smooth subdivision on the different directions you would not need to do all the manual work afterwards. But maybe this is not possible to solve, you see, I have read post from 2005 or earlier asking about this, and I have always wondered why this seems so hard to implement. It is basically a timesaver in situations where your object needs a smooth subdivision, but as in my simplified example, you only really need it in one direction, or perhaps you want to subdivide more in one direction then the other... The added image is trying to show what I mean, the red line is sufficient and smooth, the blue one does look a bit corse, so, If I want to do a smooth subdivision on this object, it will fix the coarseness of the blue but it will make to many polygons in the red direction... /C
  5. Smooth subdivision on one axis only

    Thanks for your effort Dan. You know, it is basically a full object smooth subdivision where one can control the subdivision on V or U direction. But perhaps that is impossible within the smooth subdivision algorithms.
  6. Smooth subdivision on one axis only

    Thanks Dan for the reply. Well, smooth subdivision is actually what I am after. The cylinder in my example was only a simplified visualization showing the issue. Doing for example the edge cut tool (ngons unselected), one can subdivide, but not in a smooth manner. What I am thinking about is in a more complex situation, I have seen this question asked trough out the years on different forums, but I can not seem to find a adequate answer. Carl
  7. Hi. I have tried to find a way to do a smooth subdivision on one axis only. For example, say you have a cylinder and you want to do a smooth subdivision on only the polygons that... hm how to explain, I add a screenshot for clarity. Thanks in advance, Carl