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  1. Transparency Kills Glow

    I should also test this within standard renderer, since the tutorial used physical renderer. Thanks for sharing this vid :) I should also try creating multiple glow layers, since it only have 1 in the tutorial. maybe the object id hints it.
  2. Hello! I have some problem with rendering objects with glowing textures. whenever there are transparent objects in front of glowing textured objects, the glow just disappears on the part where the transparent texture is covering. How can I make the glow still in the object while it has been covered by a transparent object. These transparent objects is alpha-based, and not transparency-based.
  3. rendering a product

    There was a flaw in that method sometimes, but since the bitmap name did the format "Name.Format" instead of "Directory/Name.Format", it is impossible that the image is from a preset. Also, if you used a texture image that is saved in the preset, the image won't be saved in the tex folder of the project.
  4. rendering a product

    Just my guess. The part where your renderer works too long is when it passes the glass part of the model, right? It is because of it's material. Having fresnel on both Color and Bump, then also having transparency will make your renderer work long on that part of object. Render time doesn't get stuck because of the model height. It will vary depending on how many complex textures it have. In the case of your object, the current main cause of the problem is the material assigned in the bottom of the bottle. Even not having the GI and AO enabled, the render time will still take long.
  5. rendering a product

    I can't look into your scene file completely. you have a missing texture file "studioG.jpg". in Mat1 Did you used any presets that have the image file name "studioG.jpg"?
  6. Yeah, I use R14 Studio Idk, but it seems to start happening this past weeks, can't remember that I have this bug the previous months that I used c4d.
  7. Ok. Here it is... Rotation P Bug.c4d As I said in the first explanation, only the Rotation P is bugged if both Rotation H and B are both locked or limited
  8. Oh. ok. will prepare one right away
  9. Folding of a box

    That might be caused by knife cut. You made some N-gons there. If you will use a non-image texture, it's ok to have that extra N-gons there. You can also simulate the thickness effect by duplicating the object, reversing the normals of the other copy, make the 2 objects as one, extrude them in (desired thickness / 2), then optimize to reduce point count.
  10. Did you delete anything, like shortcut or somewhat file?
  11. No need for a scene file tho. It always happens on any object. you can try it with a single cube with a protection tag, then have lock or limit disabled in Rotation P
  12. Folding of a box

    Idk, but this can be done with double extrusion method and double symmetry, but it does make more polygons as expected. You can also divide each parts, them optimize it if all measurements are correct.
  13. Hi! I have a problem about objects that won't rotate properly while having Protection Tag on. While an object don't have a protection tag, it doesn't look buggy, but when I apply Protection Tag on, it won't rotate properly. It happens like this: If others are locked or have limit: H works properly P does the ping-pong-like rotation every 90 degrees passed B works properly It also bugs the joints when it exceeds the limit of P.Rotation in the protection tag. Is there any method to avoid this bug?
  14. UserData ID Scanning

    So, I made the exact pattern as that. my script now forms this: OBJ_RANDOM = any((True for x in DATA_REGISTRY if x in OBJ_C)) print OBJ_RANDOM if OBJ_RANDOM == True: print "yay" else: print "nay" obj[c4d.ID_USERDATA,1] = NullPort it now works as expected. thanks for the help to expand the scan of the required IDs. I will come back later if any problems have been encountered. By now, it's time to sleep.
  15. UserData ID Scanning

    You mean I just need to replace "print any" with "if"?