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  1. Hypernurbs to extrusions

    Ok. i understand.
  2. Hello! I am wondering if how can I make an object with hypernurbs weight to automatically assign the same amount of hypernurbs to the extruded part. It seems that it works on some rigs that I downloaded, but I can't make it work somehow. For easy examples, i used a cube rather than sphere, which is my original plan to have hypernurbs on. Here is the rendered image and the sample file as reference. scene.c4d the first cube is just an extra, with 100% hypernurbs weight on the whole cube before extrusion. the second and third one having 80% hypernurbs what I want to them is for them to have 80% hypernurbs weight automatically is there any similar method that hypernurbs can work around it without re-assigning hypernurbs?
  3. HDRI - Stars not seen

    I thought of it earlier, which doesn't make the regular starry one, but i think it will fit on what I am doing. I'm currently baking the texure btw.
  4. HDRI - Stars not seen

    oh wait i just checked my c4d it was set in Standard renderer, not software XD
  5. HDRI - Stars not seen

    i'm using a software-based render btw gonna try it later in physical renderer
  6. HDRI - Stars not seen

    Btw, here's the image reference using Ctrl+R (Render in Editor)
  7. Hello! So umm... I am trying to make a galaxy version of HDRI, with additional colored ambient light. My problem is, the stars is not seen, even I resized my sphere to scale 10 Is it because the stars are too small even I have set it to 5(largest value)? or Reflection just cannot see physical sky's stars? I have added an 8-point shine (square paralel, Visible) also, is 4000x2000 good for perfect non-stretched HDRI, or should I change the resolution?
  8. Oh. I heard about shadow pass before, but how can I make it work?
  9. I want the shadows to be still on the floor and on the reflection IF the character is on the reflection too, but i don't want the shadow on the reflective cube if the character is not seen in reflection, but is present in the floor.
  10. It was a character rig, and it was connected via python (Mesh to Bones Connection). you can make your testing using this rig: sphc v1.0 Bugfix 2.lib4d I want the face mesh and the main mesh will work with compositing tag. i also want to see the shadows of the character in the floor, but not in the reflection. for the scene: Scene.c4d sphc v1.0 Bugfix 2.lib4d Scene.c4d
  11. Oh. I typed it wrong XD I meant seen with reflection, refraction, AO, and transparency. Actually, i unchecked all in the second column.
  12. Hello! I have a problem about the shadow still being in the reflection even the object have a compositing tag that have seen by transparency disabled? Please help. This is urgent tho
  13. Python - Switch Any to All

    I thought you were already familiar with the file type .xgr XD .xgr files are X-Pool folders. You can import them by transferring it to MAXON\C4D_###\library\xnode , or import it using the X-Pool menu. I have instructions of importing it here: http://aminoapps.com/p/2wnac6 I found out the problem in node logic "ANY" because it previously scans character match than keyword match, but I can't still solve on how can I remove empty character keyword after using the separator "Enter" or "\n". I still can't find a way to change it to ALL tho, because it still makes the same mistaken result. I think doing... if Input2 == Input3: as a replacement for ALL will not solve the problem, because it needs the two inputs be the same in order.
  14. Python - Switch Any to All

    Ok, so my nodes are now repaired. I can send it to you for testing. Xpresso OV Pack v1.1 by SolarPH.xgr I'll just send the code in your c4dcafe inbox. Xpresso OV Pack v1.1 by SolarPH.xgr
  15. Python - Switch Any to All

    For the question on why I am using python, it's because I can fully control and change the node's properties. I can also use multiple port types in one node, which can't be done with a few xpresso nodes. It also makes my node having clean interface. I think I found the problem... In my first version of it, that was accidentally got deleted, have a list separator. I think that line being missing gives my script malfunction in my second version. I'll be changing it a bit, and see if it will work