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  1. @Hrvojethats perfect man thanks so much, never would have thought of that either!
  2. Hi Guys, I've been coming up against the following scenario a few times now so I thought it might be time to ask. I have to bring in a scene from Softimage to C4d and unfortunately there are a lot of instanced objects in the scene. Fences in this case. All the null positions and rotations for the instances come in just fine, I just need to, I would imagine, use the cloner to clone the fence geo onto those nulls. I can do this to some degree by useing a trace on the nulls + cloner. However, the rotations do not come across as the clones are trying to align to the traced path which is no good. The fence posts are all aligned in a specific direction (hand placed by the hundreds in soft!) so I need their position and rotation from the nulls. I can convert these instances back to geo in soft with a script and export if need be but I would rather keep it light in c4d with the cloner as there are hundreds and its very handy that way. I've just included a simple scene to illustrate the idea. In this case I would like the clones to align with the nulls if possible. Thanks in advance! CloneToNullExampleScn.c4d
  3. Hi teknow, I'm not familiar with that term unfortunately! I hear ya! It's a spherical balloon type object popping so it is driven by cloth that collides with a floor plane. I was just using voronoi to break it up beforehand. I would have used the "tear" function on the cloth itself but because the point number changes when you do that on the geometry I don't get the motion blur rendering correctly. Thanks for the demo scene, I'm new in cinema, wasn't aware of the push apart effector being used to scale pieces, very useful in future!
  4. Updated Cebera thanks. Thanks for the softbody tip. Managed something similar with the cloth and using the vertex map of the edges created by the fracture + growing that over time with fields piped into the opacity channel in Redshift so it shrinks to nothing. Perhaps someday there will be a tickbox for merging borders in the smooth modifier! It can be quite a handy effect.
  5. It's a fairly straight forward scene to be honest, just a sphere with Voronoi fracture and baked to single object. I have found a way around it in regards to the simulation by animating the scale parameter on the cloth so it shrinks the pieces over time. I am still interested however in the smoothing issue and if the same type of smoothing as softimage is possible in cinema. I've attatched the scene anyway. Thanks for looking! I'm on R20 btw SmoothingTest_01.c4d
  6. HI guys, I'm coming from a SI/Maya background and just trying to achieve something similar in C4D. I want, say a sphere for example that has been fractured/cut up in some way where it has disconnected borders to smooth in a similar way to how Softimage or Maya would handle it. So as you can see in Cinema, when I use a smooth modifier, it smooths it but it keeps the border vertices intact. I don't want this, I want them to pull away from each other and leave holes in the same way I can in the Softimage example. Is this possible in C4d or is there a plugin that can achieve this result? The Stretch option in Smooth sort of does this a little bit but not what I'm looking for. To explain ,the effect I will be trying to achieve is sort of a burst balloon which I will simulate with cloth but the pieces have to magically shrink and disappear very quickly. I would achieve this in Softimage by applying a smooth in softimage and using it to shrink the polygon islands to nearly nothing. Thanks a million.
  7. thanks for all the input guys! I actually ended up starting from scratch since it's so basic. I was just curious if it was possible for future reference. I'll give your advice a whirl as soon as I get back to that character, sounds good! Thanks a mill guys.
  8. Thanks for getting back to me Dan much appreciated. Unfortunately I had moved all the joints into position already. I'm used to using Gear for Softimage and Maya where you can just work away on one limb and mirror it at any stage. That would be handy here too!
  9. Hi guys, Forgive me if this has come up before but I can't find an answer after searching around for a bit. I'm new to C4Dd but not to 3D in general so I should probably know better! However, the probably I'm having is, after diving in to playing with the character tool without reading up on it (I like to see how intuitive C4D) I started rigging using the reptile preset. I now know that you need to shift click to add mirrored limbs while you're creating them but I didn't know that at the time. So now I have half a lizard! Is there any way to mirror the limbs I've already set up? I've tried to use the mirror joint tool but I suspect that's just for regular joints. Thanks guys.
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