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  1. Thanks: I'm almost sure that's what happened. --OTOH, it's odd that you can't use the UI in Model mode, but you can use the coordinates, since they seem to change the same thing. I'm not sure why that's allowed: imo if it were disallowed both via the UI and via the Coordinates manager while in Model Mode it would be more consistent. As (still!) a newbie, there's a lot of switches and modes to keep track of. I have gotten to the point where I automatically check the "Axis Move" switch when things get weird, so I got that goin' on..... Thanks for the help.
  2. Am I correct in seeing that, while a Hair Object references the current object when it is initialized, after that the user is free to delete the 'current' object but that the Hair Object remains as initialized? There doesn't seem to be any hierarchical relationship between the initial object and the Hair Object once it's created/initialized. tnx for shedding (ha!) light on this.
  3. While using Instances, the Translate & Rotate gizmos affect the Instance, but the Scale gizmo does not. Adjusting the scale parameters in the Attribute managers DOES work. This seems odd. Is it normal? (R17) Thanks. EDIT: after a program restart, this problem went away. For now.
  4. FOUND IT: middle mouse drag to adjust brush radius.
  5. I'm reasonably sure there's a way to adjust the Polygon Pen radius interactively, with the mouse, but I've been unable to determine which key makes it happen. Anyone know? Tnx.
  6. Is it possible to make a 'switch' such that you can control the >editor< visibility of a complex object made of many parts, en masse for that object, but still retain control over the display of each individual part? I'm using the DISPLAY tag to make things wireframe while the viewport remains in Solid Shading, but I can see controlling visibility would be quite laborious after a while.
  7. I'm (attempting to) model a simple turntable object. The platter (a Cylinder primitive) has a standard taper such that the top is narrower than the bottom. The TAPER modifier is a child of the platter. I'd like to make another cylinder, quite flat, to act as the rubber mat on top of the platter. I'd like this mat to be a child of the platter, but (to my surprise) it is affected by the Taper modifier even though it is below the modifier in the Object Manager. (I was thinking for some reason that modifiers only affect their immediate Parents.) How does one get a child of an object to ignore modifiers that are applied to the parent object? Thanks.
  8. ARRAY ALONG SPLINE: (R17) Array is limited to radial arrays (not even matrices!). 1) Is there a "Matrix Array" >>dynamic<< tool? 2) A one-shot work around is DUPLICATE:SPLINE, but that's (obviously?) not dynamic The application is putting 'feet' on an electronic device (a turntable in this case, but any case with feet would apply), so really I just want something that would dynamically re- position the feet if I decide to change the size of the case. Tnx. ps: sorry about the highlight, but I couildn't fix it. >|^(
  9. Is there a SHEAR tool in c4d? Not a deformer, but a tool like Move or Rotate is a tool. Thanks. (Specifically, I want to angle the top of a cylinder: the points will move ONLY in the Y direction, but the close edge will hardly move at all, and the far edge will move a lot, ie, there's a falloff. This is not the same as a rotation.)
  10. I was following a tutorial and naively tried to increase the number of control points in a Bezier object. (R17) Rather than magically/telepathically adding control points along the existing curve of the object (possibly an unreasonable feature), C4D reset all the control points back to default. Ouch. No big deal, just undo'd out of there, but: is there a way to add control points to a Bezier object that will attempt to interpolate new points into the existing curve? EG: this was a 3x3 Bezier surface that had been edited into a "shovel blade". Once edited, I realized I could do a better job with 4 or 5 control points ("grid points") and attempted to increase the # of control points. NOTE: this is a learning exercise: I know selecting the correct # of points is the proper way, but I'm trying to find out if this is possible. So, "do it right the first time" is not helpful.
  11. On a related question: while I can get my object axis to center to my mesh (spline mesh, attached), it seems resistant to being automagically placed at the origin (0/0/0). I can, of course, zero out the location and then FREEZE TRANSFORMATION, but that seems like a lot of work for such a simple operation. Is there an easier way? Thanks. Face-AIv8.ai
  12. (R17) I have discovered that approach, and obviously it could be used, but: it's no longer a "Taper" deform, it's a "Flare" deform. While this distinction may see pointless, and maybe it is, but (and I'm not trying to be difficult here), this shape is dead EASY to get (Pic 1): But the inverse curve and pointy bit simultaneously seem tougher to achieve with the Taper deform. I'm used to a different s/w tool which has an equivalent to negative curvature, and I'm surprised that MAXON didn't allow negative values in that parameter. Seems like most of the work was already done.
  13. Wow, that is such a bummer. And an "own goal" by MAXON: the curvature parameter is Right There: all they have to do is add negative values. Weird. And the bulge thing is, well, suboptimal. thanks for the confirmation.
  14. Taper curvature: it's trivial to get a sort of "bulgey taper" or "convex taper", but is there a deformer setting for a "concave taper"? Basically, I'd like the taper to have a negative curvature on the deformation. Tnx.

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