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  1. "Concave" taper curvature??

    (R17) I have discovered that approach, and obviously it could be used, but: it's no longer a "Taper" deform, it's a "Flare" deform. While this distinction may see pointless, and maybe it is, but (and I'm not trying to be difficult here), this shape is dead EASY to get (Pic 1): But the inverse curve and pointy bit simultaneously seem tougher to achieve with the Taper deform. I'm used to a different s/w tool which has an equivalent to negative curvature, and I'm surprised that MAXON didn't allow negative values in that parameter. Seems like most of the work was already done.
  2. "Concave" taper curvature??

    Wow, that is such a bummer. And an "own goal" by MAXON: the curvature parameter is Right There: all they have to do is add negative values. Weird. And the bulge thing is, well, suboptimal. thanks for the confirmation.
  3. Taper curvature: it's trivial to get a sort of "bulgey taper" or "convex taper", but is there a deformer setting for a "concave taper"? Basically, I'd like the taper to have a negative curvature on the deformation. Tnx.
  4. R17 I've been told that it is possible to copy/paste channels in a material (or light) by enabling the channel, Rclicking on the channel name , copying (RMB copy), then selecting the recipient channel (enabled) and Pasting. However, this doesn't seem to work, specifically when I am trying to preserve a texture (Starfield) for copying from the Color channel to the Luminance channel. What am I likely doing wrong? Tnx
  5. I've kinda made a hash of my Texturing and because of that I've got 'wayyyy more Selection Sets and accompanying Materiel Tags in my Object Manager than is necessary. Is there a way to combine all Select Set tags of a given Material down to one tag? Tnx.
  6. When one has a polygon selection set applied to an Object, is there a way in the Object Manager to drop the Material onto only the Selection Set polys? Thanks, this is a basic thing I'm having trouble with. I know I could drop the Material onto selected polys in the vuport, but I'd rather do it in the Object Manager.
  7. Re-do "Defaults" to 'factory settings'?

    Thanks, and: rats! But: I've seen this kind of thing before>>>If an entry is missing, does the application swap in some hardwired defaults? (Bezo's answer seems to imply this, but only imply.) That way I could just KILL the appropriate line/entry, and it would reset back to hardwired numbers. (Guess it's time to either just grit my teeth, or start experimenting.) Thanks EVERYBODY for your help.
  8. TRUE Symmetry 1.3

    :( Not appearing in R17/W10. No entry in the PLUGINS menu. Someone above had luck w/this: any insights? Tnx. +++++ OK, it's a TAG, got it. Thanks to VOZZZ for the explanatory video (listed above, but here it is again): http://ace5studios.com/true-symmetry-cinema4d-make-your-life-easier-in-1-easy-step/
  9. I've used the EDIT/SET AS DEFAULT for a number of items, in this case BEND, and I'd like to reset the stuff I've altered, both individually and en masse, back to 'factory settings'. (R17): 1) Is there a way to this individually? 2) Is there a way to do this globally? Tnx!
  10. Is there a way to exclude an object from XREF import? My XREF, umm, template scene has some refraction involved, and I'd like to check it in the template with some background geometry, but I'd prefer that the background geometry not get imported into the main scene, which is utilizing the XREF. Tnx
  11. Bug? Extrude object keeps resetting?

    Thank you for your help. I eventually conceded defeat, before I read your helpful comment, by surrendering and using MoText. There's some implicit activities that go on when using the Generators, that I'd really appreciate someone explaining: I, the noobie, think that in general, splines are moved to be perpendicular to the extruding spline, and as you explained, this implicit moving gets prioritized over keyframing. If one knew what exactly is happening, one perhaps could compensate. Since the extrusion of MoGraph text is interior to the data entity (i.e, the text), the extrusion doesn't tussle with the keyframing in the same way that generators might. That's my theory. Thanks again, and thanks for everybody's patience.
  12. To me, the OpenGL representation of this Material is far more interesting than the resulting render (see JPG). How can I get some of that interesting texture back into the render? (R17, material preset= "Metal - Gold Antique")
  13. Bent Text w/o Deformation?

    So, motext text is more about each letter's center point, rather then the "spline lettering" I'm using here? I can see that making sense: the text would retain its font integrity better, which is probably what you want in mograph text, versus a generalized spline.
  14. Bug? Extrude object keeps resetting?

    Actually, I am keyframing the location of the Extrude in an explicit attempt to keep it from snapping back. But, it keeps doing it. :\ :) --Also, note that it's not the pivot point that is jumping back: it's the cutting mesh. The pivot point keeps getting further and further away (as I 'correct' it), but the cutting mesh jumps back to Z=0. The pivot point is correctly following its keyframes. It's got to be pilot error, but I can't figure out why. --Is there something where Extrude tries to work from Z=0 or something??? Scene attached. You have to mess around w/it, or save and reload, to get the Bad Thing to happen. It reliably happens on Reload. WordClock2.zip
  15. I'm using an Extrude Object to Extrude some Spline Text which is deformed by a Spline Wrap deformer. THEN, the Extrude Object is used to Boolean Subtract a chunk of a Tube. This all works... For a while, and then for some reason the Extrude Object seems to reset its POSITION, but not it's modeling axis. That is, the extrude effect seems to get reset in space, but the modeling axis remains where last left. This happens sporadically, and I'm not sure what triggers it, although it's definitely related to some other operations happening, but usually nothing to do with the Extrude Object itself. (R17, scene attached) Any ideas? tnx. Extrude reset.c4d