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  1. Hideously noob question: There appears to be a default image, some trees and a blown-out sun/cloud, that is used in the Reflectance channel. Where in the interface is that image selected and changed? tnx
  2. Let's say you have a primitive in the hierarchy, and you'd like to switch to a different TYPE of primitive, sayyyy, CONE from a CAPSULE. Is there a way to do that while retaining any similar parameters, such as SEGMENTS or RADIUS? MORE generally, can you swap any object/item w/other items, similar to how you can use ALT+DRAG in After Effects to replace a Layer with a different source material?? This keeps all the animation and keyframes for that item.
  3. There are some pre-defined Selections in C4D, for instance, if you are using a Sweep Object, assigning a Material to the "C1" Selection will restrict that material to the Start Cap. "R1" gives you the "Rounded" edge of the Fillet Cap. I was wondering, is there someplace in the interface where you can see/access/reference all the pre-defined Selections for a given object? Thanks.
  4. Equivalent LW function in C4D (r17)???

    OK, that's sorta getting there: is there an r17 way of doing it that doesn't actually remove geometry? Just cuts a line? It's funny how every s/w has peculiar strengths and weaknesses. Here's a screen grab: horrendous geometry is A-OK.
  5. In Lightwave (actually, LW Modeler, AKA "LWM" ) there is a function called "Drill", with which you can draw a mesh in one (LWM) Layer, a Curve ( a spline) in another layer, and project a ... ummm, slice from the curve onto the mesh. (LWM layers are likely different from c4d layers, don't worry about it.) That is, the Curve slices thru the mesh, making new polygons, usually n-gons. FWIW, the projection only occurs along the axes. What is the C4D (r17) equivalent to that function?? THANKS.
  6. Is there a way to cause a primitive (or even editable) Torus to deform in such a way that, for example, the inner points are moving one way and the outer points are moving in the opposite direction? IOW, rolling around the axis of the "ring"?
  7. Is there a central "information" panel that shows the number of specific types of entities? In my immediate case I'm interested in number of 1, 2,3,4, and n sided polygons, but I'd also like a centralized panel for points, edges, materials, objects, and whatnot. Good ol' whatnot.
  8. The dox seem to say that the Cone primitive can be truncated via the Attributes panel, but my messing about with the CAPS, Fillet, etc parameters does nothing to the pointy end of the cone (the wide end behaves as expected). What dunderheaded obvious-ness am I missing?? AHHHH, non-zero "Top RADIUS", in the Object tab! Whew! (embarrasing noobness left for "l'education pour les autres...." )
  9. Attached should be a test cube. 1) There's a polygon selection set on the cube, which is the 'floor' of the tunnel cut thru the cube. When I select that poly, the s/w tells me 3 polygons are selected. They appear to be perfectly coincident, sharing the same points in the same order. --How does one eliminate such coincident polys? Optimize does not seem to be doing the job, and although there are many hits on Google, most seem to be about polygon interpenetration rather than a perfect overlap. 2) When I was examining this situation I selected the 3 polys, COPIED them (ctrl+C), made a new project and PASTED, but rather than just the polys selected, the entire Object was copied over. Surely there's a way to copy just sections/portions of a mesh to a new project? Thanks! Test Cube.c4d
  10. I'm building an object and it: 1) is basically symmetrical, and 2) has a hole that passes thru it. If I were just building the object w/o regard to symmetry I'd just drill a hole in a cube via boolean, or I'd Bridge to opposite faces on the cube (more likely (less polys)), but I'm confused how this would work if you are using the Symmetry Object to maintain symmetry, since there's no real volume or faces (to Bridge).
  11. Simple Move acts like scaling :(

    BINGO! That's what I get for turning off the SDS cage. Many thanks.
  12. I have a simple point selection made and I want to simply move it along the Z axis. But when I move it, using the gizmo axis, the points are scaled down rather than strictly moved. I'm definitely using the MOVE tool (see image) , and Soft Select is off, so why are the points changing in their relative positions to each other? Tnx
  13. R17: different FILTERS in vuports??

    Ugh. Weak. Thanks for the confirmation.
  14. Is there a way to have different vuport FILTERS engaged in the different views? In particular I'd prefer to have the PERSPECTIVE view to have a different set of UI elements than the orthogonal views.
  15. Photogrammetry reccs?

    Recommendations for photogrammetry software: PC and/or Android