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  1. To me, the OpenGL representation of this Material is far more interesting than the resulting render (see JPG). How can I get some of that interesting texture back into the render? (R17, material preset= "Metal - Gold Antique")
  2. Bent Text w/o Deformation?

    So, motext text is more about each letter's center point, rather then the "spline lettering" I'm using here? I can see that making sense: the text would retain its font integrity better, which is probably what you want in mograph text, versus a generalized spline.
  3. Bug? Extrude object keeps resetting?

    Actually, I am keyframing the location of the Extrude in an explicit attempt to keep it from snapping back. But, it keeps doing it. :\ :) --Also, note that it's not the pivot point that is jumping back: it's the cutting mesh. The pivot point keeps getting further and further away (as I 'correct' it), but the cutting mesh jumps back to Z=0. The pivot point is correctly following its keyframes. It's got to be pilot error, but I can't figure out why. --Is there something where Extrude tries to work from Z=0 or something??? Scene attached. You have to mess around w/it, or save and reload, to get the Bad Thing to happen. It reliably happens on Reload. WordClock2.zip
  4. I'm using an Extrude Object to Extrude some Spline Text which is deformed by a Spline Wrap deformer. THEN, the Extrude Object is used to Boolean Subtract a chunk of a Tube. This all works... For a while, and then for some reason the Extrude Object seems to reset its POSITION, but not it's modeling axis. That is, the extrude effect seems to get reset in space, but the modeling axis remains where last left. This happens sporadically, and I'm not sure what triggers it, although it's definitely related to some other operations happening, but usually nothing to do with the Extrude Object itself. (R17, scene attached) Any ideas? tnx. Extrude reset.c4d
  5. Bent Text w/o Deformation?

    I'm conforming some spline text to a spline circle, and unfortunately it is crimped on the inner side of the circle (as might be expected). However, I'd like each letter to be undistorted on the inside of the circle (see JPG). How does one accomplish this? Basically I'd like each letter to be rotated (around the Z axis) about its middle where it touches the circle, but not have any other deformation occur
  6. Export SCALE setting? CURA

    To assist in exporting to CURA, I created a 10cm test cube mesh, with the axes labeled. In previous tests, on a different object, I derived a scale factor of 0.394 that worked for that object, but it required that I export once, figure out how far off it was, and then re-export. With the 10cm cube, exported with a c4d export scale of 1.0, import into CURA resulted in a mesh size of 10 mm. OK, but I'd prefer not to have to export everything TWICE to get the proper scaling. I mean, "10x" is nothing like "0.394x". What's going on here?
  7. Path Cut: Upper limit ?

    Thanks, CBR: Loop mode is there, but seems slightly different than Loop-Path. But I'm still too clueless to pin down the difference. Thanks for the 3d printing tips. I'm currently zeroing in on the OBJ export settings that Cura will need. EG, export scale= 0.394. Making a "Scale & Orientatino Test Object" to nail all the parameters in one swoop.
  8. Bounding Box assist?

    My traditional workflow often involves using some non-rendering geometry as a "Bounding Box". This involves making a simple box/cube, and using a tool that is actually designed for hair guides, but easily reduces the box mesh into a bunch of, essentially, wireframes (2point polys). If I stay within the clearly seen bounds, my model is the correct size. I suspect there's a different way to accomplish this in C4D. Basically, I'd like to get a bounding box that is easily generated, but never renders, and doesn't get in the way of modeling. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  9. Path Cut: Upper limit ?

    EDIT: (unfortunately, I'm on R17, and Loop-Path Cut is, I believe, an R18 tool. ) My subpatch object was very similar to CBR's except, and this is probably key, the diamond shape quad was actually AT the tip of the arm, rather than being one loop inside. That particular step might have made subsequent modeling more difficult than necessary, and that exterior, perimeter loop is the one I was asking about "adding": if it's modeled in from the start, obviously less of a problem. Thanks all!
  10. Select by point count?

    Nothing equivalent to the LW "Info" and "Stats" panels, eh? (Those panels' virtues being that they are rather static lists, which allow you to see everything at once.) I agree that the Vonc tools are fantastic, Bless that coder!
  11. Path Cut: Upper limit ?

    Oh, also, could you tell me: the final exterior edge loop around #3, was that difficult to add? How was that accomplished?
  12. Path Cut: Upper limit ?

    Cerbera, thanks for your time as always. You are a HUGE benefit to the community. Questions! & Comments: 1) In the 2nd picture above, how did you achieve the large, regular patch area in the middle? Pure sweat, or some technique and/or tool? 2) What threw me was, the Knife UI showed a preview cutting line, but then wouldn't cut. I don't mind that it can't do that, but it gives every appearance of being ABOUT to do that. It's confusing when the UI seems to say "this is what we're gonna do!", but then doesn't do it. 3) I managed, in my cack-handed way, to get the cut I wanted, but by using Edges describing the same (Knife) Path as the selected Polys in my examples. FWIW. 4) I had an SDS mesh very similar to #3, but needed to add some bevels and whatnot to the mesh, and so was freezing the mesh to get actual geometry to work with. 5) The intended use of this mesh will be to output to OBJ or STL and make a 3d printed object. It still remains to spherically distort the entire mesh. Thanks for your help: always an education.
  13. Path Cut: Upper limit ?

    Is there an upper limit to the number of polygons that can be selected and used when using the KNIFE tool in PATH mode? I was having some success deselecting portions of the Selection Set, but that was intermittent. JPG and *.c4d attached. It's the last polygon Selection Set. Basically I'd like to add some edges to this selection. The KNIFE tool displays correctly, and displays the cut I desire (within limits, ie "close enough"), but won't actually perform the cut. Thanks for any insight. Clean Slate 180514a.c4d
  14. (R17) Using the BEVEL deformer in polygon mode, there seems to be a bug: the "Offset" parameter, which in this case acts as a taper, works in both positive and negative values fine, but at ZERO, the bevel itself disappears. The behavior on either side of ZERO would make one expect that, at zero, the bevel would just be straight up (in this specific case). So, what's up with that?
  15. Weld / Merge Points by Proximity ?

    Ahhh, so that's what that little wheel means! --Does OPTIMIZE limit itself to the Selected entities, or is it blindly global???