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Hey guys, check out new PolyGnome tool for Cinema 4D from our long-time member C4DS. You can find PolyGnome in our Store and we hope you like it!! :cowboypistol:


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  1. I'm building an object and it: 1) is basically symmetrical, and 2) has a hole that passes thru it. If I were just building the object w/o regard to symmetry I'd just drill a hole in a cube via boolean, or I'd Bridge to opposite faces on the cube (more likely (less polys)), but I'm confused how this would work if you are using the Symmetry Object to maintain symmetry, since there's no real volume or faces (to Bridge).
  2. Simple Move acts like scaling :(

    BINGO! That's what I get for turning off the SDS cage. Many thanks.
  3. I have a simple point selection made and I want to simply move it along the Z axis. But when I move it, using the gizmo axis, the points are scaled down rather than strictly moved. I'm definitely using the MOVE tool (see image) , and Soft Select is off, so why are the points changing in their relative positions to each other? Tnx
  4. R17: different FILTERS in vuports??

    Ugh. Weak. Thanks for the confirmation.
  5. Is there a way to have different vuport FILTERS engaged in the different views? In particular I'd prefer to have the PERSPECTIVE view to have a different set of UI elements than the orthogonal views.
  6. Photogrammetry reccs?

    Recommendations for photogrammetry software: PC and/or Android
  7. torus text wrap

    That should work, although there will be some puzzling arrangement in the PS file: bits will probably be flipped from around, etc....
  8. NOOB: Sketch corners/edges

    You can see some irregularities in the sketching/cel look of this (screen-grab) render. How do I get all the corners of the insets to render with a cel-look edge? These are all 90° corners, simplest possible situation I would think.
  9. Camera viewports all mixed up

    IMO & YMMV, it's a misfeature because it's mouse-oriented, versus a dialog. EG, in your use case, you're probably not flipping it back and forth constantly, you likely do it once at the start of a session. I don't like it because if I hit the wrong bucky-key, my grid is wonky, which irritates me.
  10. Camera viewports all mixed up

    I occasionally see vuport screwups such as the above: I usually take this as an omen to restart the app. {whinging=ON} Does anybody else dislike that it's so easy to inadvertently rotate orthogonal vuports? I >>never<< want to do this, but nonetheless I do it accidentally all the time. For me, it's a misfeature.
  11. Q: is there a preferred axis of alignment for vehicles (and animals) in C4D? That is, is it a lot easier to do things if, for example, a 'car' points down the Z axis? Or if a humanoid is modeled so s/he faces the +Z axis?
  12. Quick Tip 19: Clones Over Parent

    I note the clones inherit the Material of the Parent-- if that's not what one wants, how does one prevent it? Tnx, cool tip.
  13. Messing about, I was deforming a Subd'd object, when I decided to make it Editable. NOT using "Save Current State to Object", I made the sub'd mesh Editable, but it also inherited the deformation at that frame. This was unexpected. How does one 'freeze' the subd'd mesh without incorporating the effect of any down-stream deformers, BUT retain the animation and settings of the deformers??? Bulge.zip
  14. Many tools, especially (it seems) Deformers , could benefit from a RESET button, in that after I've added them and played around a bit, I'd be very pleased to have ONE button to click that would reset them back to their defaults. Does this exist? I'm not finding it. It's quite inconvenient to have to re-add the entire Deformer just to reset it.
  15. Blue line... of death.

    Thanks everybody.