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  1. I made a test file and it worked as I hoped, but not the original geometry BECAUSE: I think the issue is these splines are "exploded" from an original single spline, and although they are all individual objects the pivot point is still at the same place as the original, singular spline, iow the pivot point is not centered on the geometry itself. So, what I actually "need" (this is just for learning) is a script that would, say, iterate through all the selected objects and place each object's pivot point at the midpoint of the geometry of that object, ie the vertices. ....which
  2. Huh. I thought there would be a way to have each one Scale on it's own bounding box axis/center. Similarly, is there no way to rotate, for example, 3 cubes that are in a line, each individually around their own physical (bounding box) center? There's roughly ~60 or so, so iterating thru them by hand would be a PITA. (OABTW, notifications don't seem to be working....)
  3. I have an object composed of many splines in a topographic map style. The splines are not completely flat, that is, the points comprising the splines are not all at the same Y height. How does one flatten multiple splines all on their own individual levels?
  4. In various places I see fields for an "UP" vector. What is it, and how is it used? Thanks.
  5. ....that's the long way around, but yes: although the target is TRACKED, not connected via constraints except in as much as in some systems "targeting" is considered a constraint. Like what the Cylinder is doing here, using the TARGET tag. targeting.c4d
  6. I'm not the headphones guy (that's a different thread): What I'm trying to do is have the turkey's head track a (null) target that is in FRONT of the turkey, but the layout of the skeleton is such that the head joint (gah!) extends vertically, exiting the top of the turkey's head, not its beak. The beak, and the notional front of the turkey's skull, is at right angles to the head joint. One way around this would be to insert a joint (or a null) with very little (zero) deforming strength between the neck and head joints, as a child of the neck, and target THAT item at the targeted
  7. With an extruded object you have the 2 premade selections, C1 and C2. When restricting a texture to BOTH C1 and C2 (ie, front & back look the same), must one use two >>tags<<? IOW, is there a way to get more than one argument in the Selection field of a Texture Tag's attributes? Some delimiter?
  8. I've got a cartoonish turkey character and the 'head joint' is pretty much vertical, but I'd like for the head joint to target a null in front of the turkey, at right angles to the bone. Simply targeting the head joint at the null would, I believe, point the top of the turkey's head at the target. So, how does one make a target at right angles to a joint ?
  9. I often find that when I'm starting a project I'd like to have some standing materials, of various garish colors (ie, nothing subtle) to just slap on the geometry as I make it. Bascially a tasteless rainbow, just to keep things straight. Do people usually handle this by: making their "New.c4d" screen with such a set of materials, or; load a premade set in from the Content Browser (about which I am woefully ignorant)? Otherwise it's a pretty lame waste of time, especially naming the materials. Tnx
  10. Attached should be a c4d file. Could someone tell me why ANY alteration to the bone "Head" causes it to, well, do what it does? For my own knowledge: I'm anticipating rebuilding this entire skeleton, now that I have 1.001% of a clue. Obviously, somewhere along the line I screwed up, and I'm looking for the knowledge to not do so again. Turkey_20.c4d
  11. That's a good tip, thanks. Given that lag is probably unavoidable, is it possible to make a wireframe or low-rezzy type preview that only compiles its frames after all evaluations are complete? One step up from the viewport, specifically to evaluate animation without viewport lagging issues? (I figured this might be evaluation-lag, and would not show up in rendered versions. Playing with the priority settings didn't seem to affect viewport lag.)
  12. Huh, I meant to send the above hours ago. Anyway.... So, in the scene in question I still haven't got it to work. So I built a simpler test scene, attached. I'll wrap this up because I've noticed "one topic per post" works better, but I'll subsequently post the problem scene. Attached here is a simple test scene for noobs like me who are trying to attach an object to a mesh, specifically because I spent quite a while today looking at videos and they often were about attaching to joints, or dynamic parenting, etc. Anything but to a mesh. This one works, and uses Voytech's tip on
  13. BINGO! That just got me a LOT closer. There's still a weird lag (perhaps due to subd), but I'll figure it out....or be back soon. Thanks! (ignore the 'spoilers', I couldn't figure out how to delete them.....)
  14. FWIW, the kind of errors you are seeing in your mesh are often (but not always) due to excess geometry INSIDE the mesh. They can be hard/tricky to ferret out. For instance, a rectangular face INSIDE two meeting tunnels, or duplicate points. Patience is your friend in finding these little buggers.
  15. I've attached a null to a specific point on a deforming mesh with a small Xpresso network. It works fine on frame zero (by changing the point index I can place it anywhere on the mesh), but does not respond to bone deformation nor even moving the root/parent of the mesh. The order seems to be correct: it's after the mesh it is attached to, but something is obviously incorrect.
  16. In many parts of the interface there's an option to "Show Help" when you rclick on a term, label, field or gadget. I find this convenient because IMO the Search function of the Help is near useless, not least because it doesn't support the literal option engaged in many search engines when you use quotes. Many searches return far too many hits to be convenient. "Show Help" is good, but Is there a similar functionality for Menu entries?
  17. One of the reasons I couldn't locate it w/o help is, I think it's rather "misfiled" under Selection/Filter. IMO it should be 'promoted' to the main Selection menu.
  18. Ngons, I'll look into it. That HUD is pretty darn misleading: since it's specifically TELLING me the wrong thing. Misfeature. Reactions: the little circle with the variety of reactions has disappeared, I was looking for it earlier.
  19. Maybe all the users are too busy making money for me to have found them.
  20. Thanks -- I'd "thumbs up/like" this, but that button seems to have disappeared??? FWIW, "Melt" didn't work when I reduced it to one flat, err, thing.
  21. The accompanying object has 23 polygons. I'd like to merge them all into one. In general, how does one eliminate coincident polygons. (I'm assuming c4d automatically deletes "2 point polys".) FIN ONLY TEMP.c4d
  22. Given the dog's breakfast in the image, what are the recommended tools and procedures for efficiently making this into a regularly gridded mesh? I want the outline to stay much the same, but the internal divisions can totally change. It's essentially 2d, but will be slightly extruded. Is it pretty much the Knife tool in Point mode?
  23. Huh. --Should they? Or is it just so esoteric it's not really commonly useful?
  24. THERE it is (submenu*). People don't seem to 'talk' about it much. Maybe I'm not reading the forums (Character Animation perhaps?) where it's used. ++++ * Is there a method of ferreting out which menus include a given feature? Like I could find "Add Selection Object" (not, I note, how it's apparently labeled in the menu- "Create" versus "Add", unless they 2 are different functions)


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