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  1. Aah Yes I should have said I do want it to look slow motion, sorry I completely forgot that important bit of information I tried cutting the frames down and it flew past to fast. I want it to be nice and slow so that details can be seen you see. By the way, I can't put up a scene file as its for a product that is not released yet so I'm not allowed.
  2. Hi, I've only used two keyframes, one at the start point and one at the end. It isn't travelling a long distance, probably about three times its length but I assumed more keyframes would mean it would be more smooth in the final animation. I'm obviously not understanding animation properly lol. So far I've only been learning how to model so only just starting on animating, but these are the basics I'm trying to learn.
  3. Hello, I'm just after a bit of advice or tips on how to make an animation smoother. I have a very simple animation of a dart moving in a straight line. I set a keyframe at frame 0, then at frame 350 I set another keyframe along the axis where I wanted the dart to end up at. On playback the motion isn't smooth, it actually looks like the dart skips a few frames as it moves along. How do I combat this? many thanks.
  4. Hi CBR, yes I tried doing it in bump but I just couldn't get it fine enough, it seemed to go from too big to nothing at all! I could really do with some good tutorials on material making as I can't make much sense of a lot of the parameters!
  5. Hello, I know that shiny metals are fairly easy to create but I'm trying to get the texture that results from a piece of tungsten that has been turned in a lathe. There are subtle vertical lines on the surface from where it has been machined. I've tried using bump with noise and stretching the noise vertically but I can't get it fine enough. I've also tried making a texture in Photoshop by motion blurring noise in a vertical direction but it just looks white when I bring it into a material, it doesn't look like metal! I've tried other things but I'm getting nowhere. I've also not had much luck finding tutorials on making materials to help me along. If anyone has ideas or could point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate it. I've attached an image that shows exactly what I'm trying to achieve. Thanks.
  6. Hello, Has anyone any ideas what's causing these ugly marks on this material? The material is a simple metal material with no image textures involved. The highlights and shadows should be nice and smooth but its producing all these artefacts. I've tried altering all sorts of things in the material editor but being a novice I can't figure it out! Thanks
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