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  1. Hallo everyone, I have a scene where the Sun Light comes more or less (not exactly) in front of the Camera... The position of the sun is perfect for the other scenes, but for this one is causing problems, reflecting the white "light" in the bookshelf... There is a way to say how much % I want to received reflections from the Sun Light....only reflection not GI...
  2. Hello everyone, Im working with 2 IMacs to do distribution rendering. My question is can I have a third cumputer, not Imac and with windows system to have as a slave?
  3. Hello everyone, When I do an interior scene I always put Portal lights, to bring more light to the scene, but they also bring to much noise. The solution is to raise up the settings in the Render settings. In AA I put a high value, and also in DMC. Gets better. Then I turn on the option "store with irradiance map"(in the Portal lights). Resolve the noise but than comes the blotches... Personally I don't like to use so much the "store with irradiance map", because blurs the image and I lose some detail. What I should do? Using Portal lights should be a solution and not a problem...
  4. Thanks DasFrodo I will take a deep look at the V-Ray documentation. and I did find something, but not so completed, but still is useful. https://sites.google.com/site/cgiworkbook/vrayforc4d/vray-shaders
  5. Thank so much DasFrodo to reply. I'm quite familiar with this dropdown menu. so for the Layersahder is---> Powershader__v-Ray shader__Mix/Layering__Layered. But for example were is the option to turn the bitmap 90°? Or another thing, in C4D I used a lot C4D shader Fresnel, but in V-ray powershader seems the falloff is the one equivalent to the Fresnel from C4D. Is this correct? I really need a list with C4D shaders are equally (or more or less) to Vray-shaders I already went to see if chaosgroup have anything, also i saw in the Forum from C4Dvray, or in the Manual for vrayforc4d...but nothing.
  6. With Vray DR standalone I must use the vray Powershader the problem cannot find Info about these shaders from vray? I'm sure some of these are really useful but whitout some tutorial or information is hard to understand them...For example Where i can find one similar to Layer and with the Effect and transform?? or one with Filter. Those are really simply to use in C4D.
  7. Hi... I found out what was the problem. Well...bad installation. I read that in VrayforC4D manual : "If in case you get buckets errors, check that you really have all V-Ray shaders, that you really have copied the correct UVWgen files to the nodes" so...i had to copie the file "libvray_UVWGenC4D" to the folder in ChaosGroup, bin etc...I attached a pic to show the path....
  8. I have the Material and texture with vrayshader. Everything are set and good to go...for some reason the texture is failing. I know that if you do not have a vrayshader for the texture it will fail, but this is not the case. I also try to put in the option convert C4D bitmaps or Bake C4d 2d Sahders, dosen`t work. Can anyone help me please. Thanks
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