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  1. Franciscoxp

    C4d Visualisation VS C4d Prime

    thanks so much for the answer. Yes I use the vray...so textures, materials and cameras is not a problem for me because i have from vray. The only problem that I'm seeing is the Team rendering....with prime i dont have :-(.
  2. Franciscoxp

    C4d Visualisation VS C4d Prime

    Hello, I'm an architect and i would like to buy cinema 4d +vray to my office. But i saw the Prime is cheaper than Visualisation. One question I have is: comparing the 2 products: Prime and Visualize, it seems to me I can get away with purchasing Prime and VRay for now and getting 90% of the features I would get with Visualize for Arch Viz. Is this true? Need help on this decision. Many thanks