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  1. Is it possible to bind the rig to the existing skeleton that is already weighted or is there any way that I could copy paste the weights from the made skeleton to the new auto rigged weights?
  2. Screenshot I mean weighting the separate joins for different muscles on the face. For the other problem is this GIF which I know what is the cause, but is there any automatic way to fix these? Because if I fix it manually it just breaks even more as it unassignes the weight from other joints when I apply for the other joints if you understand..
  3. Hello people! I made a charachter model and now I'm stuck on this weighting phaze and can't get a good resoult, I'm just getting overwhelmed and frustrated as hell because I've been stuck on this weighting stuff forever now and it's really making me want to quit the whole project. I'm asking you if anyone knows any good weighting tutorials on any website that I can learn from, I can weight the body and the limbs, but just can't figure out how to do the face and it's pissing me off!! And when I weight in the limbs like arms suddenly there are some spots that I "missed" more like overpainted on other joints and now they are just randomly assignes to some random ass join, is there anyway to make this more efficient and more automatic or what? I did use the autoweight option in the weight mananger for the body but that just doesn't work on the face. Please help me someone I'm on the edge of losing my sh**. Sorry for this agressivnes but I'm so done and nobody shows how to do the face. Any link to a GOOD weighting tutorial would be appreciated greatly!! Thanks!
  4. Well yeah, but I just spent 30 min weighting that and didn't want to just zero everything out if I'm not completely sure what's wrong. Thanks for the quick replies tho :)
  5. I belive I have found the problem, those were selected but just not on that join but on the thumb, so when I moved the hand it moved the finger with it and the thumb has some weights up there for somer eason. Screen
  6. I'm sorry, but I'd rather not post the file for personal reasons, but I would be really grateful if someone helps me to figure out this as it's really demotivating when things just don't work for unknown reason.. but trust me I did the subtract that part of the arm multiple times to be sure nothing is selected. I binded the arm when the old skin child was still under it, but that shouldn't be the problem as I did the other part of the body without the skin and it does this anyways.. (also this sentence is very creepy without context :P)
  7. I did that but a bit differently, I selected the subtract brush put on 100% and unchecked Only select Visible and went over the black, but nothing changed
  8. So my wheighting isn't acting properly or have I missed something? this is how it looks any ideas?
  9. I have this Arnold hair render problem, when I render the hair in the IPR Window it's just like it should be, but when I try to export render in the picture viewer it just messes up all the hair (It almost looks like it maxes out every hair slider like bend, curl, kink etc.) Anyone had this issure when rendering hair in Arnold render? I have R18 Studio. Thanks in advance! Here are reference pictures: IPR Render Picture viewer Render I solved the problem. It was an really obvious one actually, I was on 43th frame and dynamics kicked in.
  10. Cinema 4D what did you do?? LEFT how it should look RIGHT C4D https://gyazo.com/24e4e12e6b563e1d4cab4d8c34454738 Is there a way to make a uv from picture or how do I fix this?? because I've tried a ton of formats but dxf. was the only one to work and import the model, the converter how ever can't convert to .fbx or when I import .obj it just does completly nothing.
  11. I'm having problems with the UV mapping on this model I'm trying to convert from .mesh to .dxf and in the 3d object converter the textures work fine if I place them on the object, so when I convert to .dxf wich is just a format I found it works in c4d, but when I open the model in c4d and place textures on it doesn't wrap it as it should. Also it makes a duplicate.. Here are some pictures for better understanding: Object converter https://gyazo.com/eef6656de57020324be634dcc2f140c1 C4d R18 https://gyazo.com/64dcf3cceb19b6eb3d3ec9978270d814 Please help!
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