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  1. Hi All, I have just found the problem, but I am still trying to find a solution. If I use one dynamic body expression in one object, and a protection tag as well, the protection do not affect to the collision shape. It means the shape is on the fixed position, but the collision shape falling down. Any idea how the collision shape can stay on the fixed Y axes? (just move in the X and Z axes...) Cheers, g
  2. Hi, I struggle with my last project, when I try to simulate various sized spheres in a 2D world. So I made few spheres what I just want to move in the X and Z axes. I would like if the spheres would only touch/ collide and do not go through each other. I tried adding Rigged Body to the spheres and Collider body to the plane when the spheres moved, but I do not want the small spheres to go under the big one. I would like if the anchor points are in the same Y axis. (To keep in the same Y axis, I use the "Protection Tag" but the spheres just go through each other.) Do you have any idea how can I manage this? I just think of doing this with xPresso, or maybe there is a simple solution that I cannot see at the moment. I just uploaded the latest test, and you can see what the issue is. Thanks g Spheres_simulation_issue_01.c4d
  3. Counting Particles

    I solved this in x-particles...
  4. Counting Particles

    Hi All, I have a quick question, I try to work with Particles, and X-Particles, and I would like to know how many particles are on the scene. I am able to see how many Triangles and Lines on there but how can I project on the screen the particles statistics? Thanks! n.