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  1. FPS walk camera effect

    hey thanks a lot! i had no clue about this virtual walkthrough . however im looking for something a little bit more "human" realistic in terms of a head bob, does that exist or would it be possible to integrate?
  2. hey did anybody succeed in creating a camera that moves as a FPS walking character? or has any idea? i tried with a spline and then adjusting it, but would be cool to see something else..
  3. c4d stretching footage from AE

    hey yes theyre matching but still its a problem :S
  4. hey! I have tracked some points on a footage in AE. Then I exported to C4d, and now somehow the image is stretched in c4d? its as if c4d interprets the camera from AE different? here are 2 examples any thoughts? one is from AE one is from C4d
  5. 3D objekt tracker fails

    no i dont have premium membership and i also dont intend to as i dont have the money. but thanks for the advice. any quick thoughts on this? im stuck and the program gives me literally no description why the 3d solver fails
  6. hey everyone im fairly new to the motion tracker in c4d. i have r18. i created 7 manual tracker points and assigned them to an objeckt tracker object, however when running the 3d solver running it just writes : "3D solve failed" it doesnt give further information, and I cant figure out why
  7. hey everyone im fairly new to compositing and currently doing a little something between C4d and AE i tracked my footage in AE then exported camera and all nulls and 2 solids to scene in c4d i just tried making two very quick simple shadowcatchers however they turn up as kinda 80 transparent? i attached a photo that probably better explains it I have the material tag set to frontal? hope you can help, its probably super simple bests
  8. hey everyone! im quite new to the physical render in c4d and run into som troubles i dont really get. see attached photo why does it look like the texture of the tiles are bumping the further away it is? I have global illumination with a diffuse depth of 4 and a gamme of 1. ambient occlusion is with a maximum ray lenght of 116 oh and i have two emissive discs, one with 500% strenght and one with 350% any thoughts?
  9. hey everyone, I have some character that has 1 mesh for their body, 1 mesh for their pants, 1 mesh for their shirts etc. their clothes are skinned to so that they move accordingly to how I rig and animate the characters however i am exporting to another software with fbx. and end up with around 5-6 meshes which is causing performance issues is there a way to combine all meshes into one and still animate the characters so that all moves smoothly with each other?
  10. Hey, Im not sure if I should put this in the unity forum, but since its also c4d related I thought some of you might have had same problem. When i import my objects in unity, the materials are there but the textures are just grey? I export .fbx from c4d with textures and in unity i import with UV mapped etc etc?? hope you can help bests
  11. Arnold Render trial

    hey everyone, I just downlaoded the Arnold Render for C4d R18 trial version and just wanted to check if someone else might have same problem. on their website it is stated that the trial version comes for 15 days NO watermark, however when im rendering there are watermarks everwhere? (this is my day1) ..... bests line
  12. youre an absolut hero! thank you sooo much! I will get right into it later tonight! ill post here asap! :):):)
  13. hey again again gain, im working on a file that I got from someone else. there is a little person walking , and i wanna make him walk in a circle seamless loop. so i basically just made a circle spline, attached a spline path tag on him and voila animated the position from 0-100% it looks fine when inside the program in the viewer. however when I render it, the arms and legs are twitching like hell? could someone maybe have a look at it? i would be super gratefull bests, ernie_beanwalkingcirclec4d.c4d.zip
  14. hey guys, im super newbie in all this uwmapping stuff and im confused about how to project my material in the best way on this kind of figure: whenever i apply a material it allways gets stretched....
  15. render gets weird dark

    yeah linear workflow also... i tried both video and tiff sequens... when i render out just 10 frames to tiff it looks fine. but if I render the whole thing it turns dark?