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  1. hi everyone, for some reason there appears weird dust or particles in my render (see photo attached)? I'm using physical render r13 and didn't add any such things or use plugins. I edited the project on my own machine without theese and then sent it to a friend's machine and now they appear .... Did anyone experience something similar? bests P
  2. hi everyone i need to render a camera passing by a big chandelier. i can only do physical render, as the client demands it. Its an insane render time with the refelctions, transparency and whatnot. so I wanted to hear if anyone has any tips? also i have no clue of multipass rendering, would it be faster to seperate the passes and comp them afterwards ? I read somewhere something with alphachannel as reflection but i dunno best P
  3. I have r19! I dont know so much about the settings for GI and AO so I actually just have them as they come at the moment pictures attached
  4. hi forum, i keep having this issue and dont know how to work with it i render with global illumination and Ambien Occlusion and in my render I get theese black spots. i attached a photo for reference do i need to adjust settings in AO or GI or do I need to place my lights different or ? thanks for your help! bests, li
  5. hey yall, i made a bit of a mess out of a model with various uv mappings textures etc. its really hard for me to work around it in bodypaint cus everything's tangled. is there a way that i can sort of "merge" everything together and just have 1 material? hope you can help bests
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