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  1. I have r19! I dont know so much about the settings for GI and AO so I actually just have them as they come at the moment pictures attached
  2. hi forum, i keep having this issue and dont know how to work with it i render with global illumination and Ambien Occlusion and in my render I get theese black spots. i attached a photo for reference do i need to adjust settings in AO or GI or do I need to place my lights different or ? thanks for your help! bests, li
  3. hey everyone, so im finally taking the leap and building myself a desktop i would be super gratefull if anyone could look through the specs i have in mind and give me some advice : processor: AMD Ryzen threadripper 1950x cpu cooler: Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 mainbord: MSI X399 SLI plus ram: 4x crucial memoery DIMM 8GB, DDR4-2666 grafikcard: Geforce GTX 1080 amp ssd: Crucial MX300 1TB case: anidees Al-Crystal Lite Black case cooler: 2x Noctua NF-A15 PWM power suply: Corsair HX-Series HX750 80PLUS Platinum operating system: Windows 10 im a little in doubt regarding the processor if its an overkill, what do you think ? (its more a moneyissue) bests, L
  4. hey thanks a lot! i had no clue about this virtual walkthrough . however im looking for something a little bit more "human" realistic in terms of a head bob, does that exist or would it be possible to integrate?
  5. hey did anybody succeed in creating a camera that moves as a FPS walking character? or has any idea? i tried with a spline and then adjusting it, but would be cool to see something else..
  6. hey yes theyre matching but still its a problem :S
  7. hey! I have tracked some points on a footage in AE. Then I exported to C4d, and now somehow the image is stretched in c4d? its as if c4d interprets the camera from AE different? here are 2 examples any thoughts? one is from AE one is from C4d
  8. no i dont have premium membership and i also dont intend to as i dont have the money. but thanks for the advice. any quick thoughts on this? im stuck and the program gives me literally no description why the 3d solver fails
  9. hey everyone im fairly new to the motion tracker in c4d. i have r18. i created 7 manual tracker points and assigned them to an objeckt tracker object, however when running the 3d solver running it just writes : "3D solve failed" it doesnt give further information, and I cant figure out why
  10. hey everyone im fairly new to compositing and currently doing a little something between C4d and AE i tracked my footage in AE then exported camera and all nulls and 2 solids to scene in c4d i just tried making two very quick simple shadowcatchers however they turn up as kinda 80 transparent? i attached a photo that probably better explains it I have the material tag set to frontal? hope you can help, its probably super simple bests
  11. hey everyone! im quite new to the physical render in c4d and run into som troubles i dont really get. see attached photo why does it look like the texture of the tiles are bumping the further away it is? I have global illumination with a diffuse depth of 4 and a gamme of 1. ambient occlusion is with a maximum ray lenght of 116 oh and i have two emissive discs, one with 500% strenght and one with 350% any thoughts?
  12. hey everyone, I have some character that has 1 mesh for their body, 1 mesh for their pants, 1 mesh for their shirts etc. their clothes are skinned to so that they move accordingly to how I rig and animate the characters however i am exporting to another software with fbx. and end up with around 5-6 meshes which is causing performance issues is there a way to combine all meshes into one and still animate the characters so that all moves smoothly with each other?
  13. hey yall, i made a bit of a mess out of a model with various uv mappings textures etc. its really hard for me to work around it in bodypaint cus everything's tangled. is there a way that i can sort of "merge" everything together and just have 1 material? hope you can help bests



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