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  1. youre an absolut hero! thank you sooo much! I will get right into it later tonight! ill post here asap! :):):)
  2. hey again again gain, im working on a file that I got from someone else. there is a little person walking , and i wanna make him walk in a circle seamless loop. so i basically just made a circle spline, attached a spline path tag on him and voila animated the position from 0-100% it looks fine when inside the program in the viewer. however when I render it, the arms and legs are twitching like hell? could someone maybe have a look at it? i would be super gratefull bests,
  3. hey guys, im super newbie in all this uwmapping stuff and im confused about how to project my material in the best way on this kind of figure: whenever i apply a material it allways gets stretched....
  4. yeah linear workflow also... i tried both video and tiff sequens... when i render out just 10 frames to tiff it looks fine. but if I render the whole thing it turns dark?
  5. hey again again, i really have no clue how to solve this. hope someone can help me out! I have a material with no color, but luminance and reflection. I put a luminance plane in the scene also to light it up. When i render inside the program it looks fine for a preview, and when i render 5-10 frames out it also looks fine. I tried both 8 bit, 16 bit and 32. srgb colour and linear color.... But when I render the whole sequens it looks super dark and useless? I attached one image from inside the program and one outside. headbad.tif
  6. hey yall, i made a bit of a mess out of a model with various uv mappings textures etc. its really hard for me to work around it in bodypaint cus everything's tangled. is there a way that i can sort of "merge" everything together and just have 1 material? hope you can help bests
  7. yeah okay fine ;) i tried haha. but thanks for the help!
  8. cool. hey i found some sculpting brushes presets in the content browser, how do i use them?
  9. hey, anyone know of any good tutorial or have good tips on creating wounds or gore stuff in c4d? thanks! bests,
  10. okay wait a second.... smth is looking a lil strange. ill get back to it yeah no it works :)
  11. hey thanks a lot (again) for the quick reply! in the meantime i might have found a solution. to put a composite tag on the luminance plane and drop the other objects in the "exclusion" box of the compositing tag. seems to work!
  12. hey yall, ive build a plane with luminance material to shed some light on an object. however i want the luminance only to affect that one object in the scene and not the other objects. i know of the exclude/include in the project tag of the light, but im looking for something similar but for the luminance texture, is that possible? bests
  13. thanks a lot everone :) it worked!
  14. hey all again! first of all thanks a lot for all the help I allready got with my project, it wouldve taken me ages to figure out on my own :) nevertheless, im at a blank again... I created a model of a human head, UW mapped a texture on it, and did some brush up on bodypaint. so far so good. however I later on merged another object together with the model, and now when i put it in bodypaint it turns completely black and my cursor is this round angry circle?? hope anyone can help!
  15. hey again! I recently modelled a head from a portrait. now Im left with just a grey sad polymodel. Id like to apply the facial photo onto the model so that it looks somehow realistic, but how to do that? I build the model with the exact proportions frontal, so I guess it must be possible? thanks for all you help so far! bests