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  1. Hi is there a good way to dock the pallette with all the UV tools? having some issues accessing the subfolders Edit: nevermind! For anyone else the Customization window can be sorted by Plugin, this will group all the Seamillar buttons together
  2. I find these splotches are more a result of the GI method, I'm assuming irradiance cache? Give QMC a shot, it's slower but gives very nice results
  3. Arnold Render Engine

    Arnold can do some basic conversion of standard C4D materials, but it does not read C4D shaders or effects. You should create Arnold materials using the different arnold shaders. Start with the Standard shader, you can achieve a lot of looks with just that. When you're comfortable with that, begin exploring the arnold shader network
  4. Do you have any SSS applied? That's absolutely crucial for realistic plastic
  5. Haha yeah I considered posing a character from Daz3d but I decided to submit for a "geometry"-themed monthly challenge, and the platonic is just so sexy as is lol
  6. Thanks! It's C4DtoA for anyone who is wondering, steam sim'd with TFD