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  1. Alright , i was hoping for some voodoo magic, a mograph sélection with an effector should do. thanks guys for your knowledge
  2. let me clarify, i need clones to overlap, but either showing one or the other, not creating this ugly pattern
  3. hello community, i have a mograph setup, using push apart effector, I dont mind cloners to overlap but i need to have a clean render. Is there a way to fix this weird object tearing from happening, other than painting them out in AE ? Thanks for your help!
  4. thanks so much for your help and advices, I decided to morph it in AE finally, piece by piece, it is long but good enough considering the look i am going for. cheers
  5. yes voronoi fracture. at the end of the scene when pieces fit into place, I need them to be more triangular / cubic. wp4cafe.c4d.zip
  6. Hi all, so I have a platonic shape exploded into pieces with the voronoi shader, I want the pieces to morph to simplier shapes like cubes and pyramids. Is that even possible ? Thanks!!
  7. thank to you both. I found my happiness here, but will check your links too:
  8. hi guys, i am trying to replicate with c4d built in tools the tree structure from this video (at 00:10): I tried using turtle mode in the mospline object, it's not the right look. I think it should be particles with the tracer object but i can't figure out how to create forks with particles, emitting on collision or such. any clues ? Thanks !
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