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  1. A collection of beginner questions.

    I'm just going to use this one thread to post all of my questions instead of creating a new thread every time. Does anyone know how to create specific reflections on an object? What if you wanted to recreate the exact reflections on this attached object. What method would you use to do it?
  2. A collection of beginner questions.

    I agree 100%. That's my exact mindset. It's interesting how you can model the same object in different ways, and thinking about how to make something in all quads is like solving a puzzle in a way. Yea, HB is a good one. I just bought it and he just made the most amazing update to it with the viewport select feature. Now you can select different objects while in points/edge/polygon mode just by hitting a shortcut on your keyboard while hovering over the object in the viewport. Go check out the latest video he released today.
  3. A collection of beginner questions.

    Yea, having triangles or n-gons can be a lot faster and easier sometimes, but there are lot of nice scripts which can speed things up when using all quads.
  4. I was reading about quads vs tris and a lot of people were saying they rarely have to use triangles. Why would they ever have to use them? Is there anything you can't model with all quads?
  5. 970M GTX for viewport enhancements?

    Cool. What CPU do you have? Can CPU affect OpenGL performance? I have an Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM.
  6. Will a 970M GTX be enough to fully utilize all of the new viewport enhancements from the past 2 releases? I'm currently using a 660M GTX and this isn't cutting it at all. I'll be doing mostly product shots with simple backgrounds. Apparently, the 970M GTX is 4 to 5 times faster than the 660M GTX. These are both mobile GPUs, by the way. http://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-970M-vs-Nvidia-GTX-660M/m17319vsm7749
  7. It seems as thought they stopped providing updates for this plugin, which says it only works up to R16. Does anyone know of another plugin that can do what this one does? https://cinemaplugins.com/c4d-plugins/white-lights/
  8. R19 Viewport reflection quality

    imagine the budda standing on a mirror, you can see his entire body in the mirror, in my viewport i would only be able to see like 25% of his body starting with his feet, then legs, by the time the reflection should reach the top of his body there is nothing there in the reflection
  9. R19 Viewport reflection quality

    The thing is, it's not showing the full reflection. It's only showing like the first part of the object's reflection and then it just disappears, but the full reflection shows in the render. In the preview video about this new viewport feature, it shows the Buddha with a full reflection, so it must be possible. Actually, I just went and watched the video again. You cannot really see if the entire reflection is there. Can anyone confirm if the object's entire reflection is supposed to show? https://youtu.be/MYWFywainIg?t=3m1s
  10. The reflections in the viewport are much lower in quality than my renders, but it doesn't appear like this in the preview videos I have seen. I can't find anywhere to adjust the quality of the reflections. Is there a way to do this?
  11. Hide wireframe when selecting?

    The fact that this guy told me he blocked me tells you everything you need to know. You could have just not said anything and disappeared instead of being a drama queen. You really shouldn't even reply to people in this forum if you are going to belittle them and try to make them feel bad for asking a question.
  12. Hide wireframe when selecting?

    3DWiki is helpful, but the other guy obviously has an attitude. So, right when I think I have a solution, CD4 seems to fail me. Is there a way to select all objects with the lasso or other selection tool? I have a laptop keyboard that is apparently in 1000 objects and when I lasso around it, it seems to select all of the objects, but then when I combine them into one object and hide them, I can see tons of little pieces that weren't selected and even when I lasso around them all they aren't all selected, it's so frustrating! And unchecking only select visible doesn't fix the issue.
  13. Hide wireframe when selecting?

    I suggest you not reply with your smartass remarks. This is a forum for beginners. If you don't like it, then don't come on here.
  14. Hide wireframe when selecting?

    Is there a way to not select polygons that are hidden behind another object? I know there is an option to only select visible things, but that doesn't seem to work for this. Here is how I want to do this. I select polygons from a certain part of the laptop, then split and delete the part on the original object. Now with the part as its own object, it doesn't have any wireframe on it while the original object is selected, so I can easily see which polygons I missed, because you can see the blue wireframe of the original object in the holes in the copied object. The problem is that when I select back over these little bits and pieces I missed, I'm selecting other things from the original object that I can't see because they are behind the copied object. Does that make sense? This could be so easy if it didn't select things on the original object that are hidden from view behind the copied object. The problem with the feature you mentioned is that it creates way too many objects from the polygon groups. So it defeats the purpose. Because I have to go through like 1000 objects and combine them together to get the parts I want grouped together.
  15. Hide wireframe when selecting?

    What does that feature do? I tried it and it just hung for 10 minutes and never completed. I have a pretty complex mesh of a laptop that is one object. I'm trying to cut it up into parts so I can apply materials to each one. Is there a way to change the color of the wireframe? Right now it's blue.