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  1. @Jed... Perfect!! That's exactly what I'm after, I was over thinking it! @bezo... I'll look into this method too! Thanks both, this is all pretty new to me so just finding my way!
  2. Ahh apologies, thanks for moving the question! I've also updated which version I'm using. Ta, Squibn
  3. Hello, I'm trying to create the effect of heavy text falling to the ground, I've managed to do this using Motext (rigid body tags) and a plane (collider tags), and it gives me the the desired effect, but can't work out how to stagger the text from falling? At the minute they all fall at the same time, which is not what I'm after. Firstly is this the correct way to do it (using simulation tags)? Secondly how do I alter the time the text comes in? Hope I've asked in the correct forum (First post!) Thanks, Squibn TextAnimateIssues.c4d

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