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  1. Instead python i think it might be possible to do that by deformer and some of noise shaders.
  2. Hi Jed, thank you so much for your help. I though I can handle it without Python :) Is it any way to do that without switch for W + H >> diag + AR / diag + AR >>W + H ? I am focus on something like that: http://screen-size.info/ But really thank you for your script!
  3. I found half a clue of my problem. system is updating values but only when I am sliding values via viewport, but When I am typing values I have to type it twice to system increment that to formula. I would be really happy if someone can help me with that, thanks! screen dimension v2.c4d
  4. Hi Everyone. I am pretty newbie in xpresso that is why my question might be really funny. I am working on xpresso calculator which allow me to calculate screen ratio, height, width and diagonal of rectangle. I have already made system for calculating dimensions based on ratio, width, and height. But my main problem now is how to configure user data input of diagonal to be able change value and update rest of values, but also to change other values and update this diagonal input? Sorry for chaotic question but I hope you will understand my problem. Thank you! screen dimension v1.c4d
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