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  1. Aha yes it was simple wasn't it - for anyone else with this issue just select all the children and relink in the 'path to alembic file' field - says 'multiple values' but updates them all with the correct path. Had a feeling it was something basic!
  2. Hi all - just wondering if anyone knows a way to quickly relink a multi-object alembic file? I moved a c4d scene with an alembic file that has a big hierarchy to another computer but the project isn't automatically relinking... I've manually relinked the parent (using 'path to alembic file' in attributes) but was hoping there was a shortcut to forcing all the children to see the .abc. Otherwise it'll take a while to manually relink them all. Thanks in advance... R
  3. Many thanks Dan... and thanks for the offer to help out. It sounds like it'd be best if I go back to the modeller and get them to take a look at their end, as there's a lot more objects in the model that need attention. Otherwise I'll look for some online resources about unfolding/relaxing UVs as you suggest. Best Rory
  4. Hi all I have a (probably very simple) UV issue with a model supplied to me - see attached image (which is only a small part of the full model). The mesh is unevenly divided (see upper part of column) and the uvmap is causing the textures to stretch (as per checkerboard). Tried deleting material tag, reapplying as cubic mapping and using generate uvs, which of course results in a cubic-mapped object which is not what is needed. How can I quickly fix this, short of asking for a new model? Seems I need a way to either tell the uv tag to respect the size of the model and ignore the size differences in the polys, or a way of subdividing the mesh more evenly... I'm on R20 - any help much appreciated. R



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