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  1. Hi, I saw a simple rope tutorial with spline dynamics on Greyscalegorilla. I'm wondering if it is possible to release the fixed points of a spline via Spline Dynamics at a certain time? I want the rope hanging and swinging on one or two points for a few seconds. Then this points should turn from fixed points to "released" points. So the rope is falling down to nowhere. Any suggestions, thanks a lot!
  2. Thanks for your fast reply. Maybe I can speak to the client, who gave me the files. They should control their export settings to get a more cleaner object.
  3. Hi there, back with another question concerning .obj import into c4d. After a while, I was recognizing that many of my complex polygon objects have a cloned surface. I mean, most polygons are twice and lying over each other. The problem is, that these overlapping polygons cause into bad render results with GI. For example, a simple tube knee with a clean geometry always had artefacts after rendering with GI. I tried to play around with camera settings, render settings - nothing works. Then I recognize, that under the first polygon mesh a second mesh appears with the exact same geometry. After deleting the first mesh, the artefacts where gone. I know, that "optimizing" would be the right way to fix that issue, but my objects are too complex - c4d crashes. Maybe anyone has an idea? The objects are .OBJ files converted from STEP files Best Alex
  4. Hi, Is there a way to animate a sweep, which will be deformed with the object deformer on a cylinder. I want to move a label on a cylinder, but not with the parameters of the object deformer but rather with the settings of the sweep nurb. Best, Alex
  5. Hi, thank you very much! Very useful tutorial! Yes, I know what you mean - it would be great if this pipe-like objects would have a cleaner geometry and maybe I will get this better geometry. But in the meantime, I have to deal with this status quo and should find a solution. So the only idea I have is to work with a growing sweep, but in connection with a boolean object. The reason is, that I have to work with the basic pipe-like form and let it grow. I know what you are mean by using deformers etc., but the pipe-like forms should follow exactly a way (tunnel) with the same shaping, you know? I guess it ends up with big complexity! Thanks, Alex
  6. I forgot to say, the starting point is always the mesh of different pipes or tubes. As you can see with many different cross-sections. I don't think, that its a good way to emulate all of the tube objects with sweep nurbs or the like. Maybe there is a plugin for "let objects grow" or something. Thanks, I appreciate all ideas from somebody else
  7. Hi, Maybe you are willing to have a look at this screenshots. This is one of my paint tube objects. As you can see not a clean mesh. I tried to let it grow with a rough sweep animation. I know that I can get a centre spline with the help of selecting all cross sections and make joints. Then joints to spline - I know that. But as you can see, there is a hard edge at the end of the boolen object. So my solution is very rough. Maybe there is a better way. Thanks
  8. Hi, I figured out, that the sweep nurb has the option to scale the cross section under "details". I guess you mean that possibility? So with that, it could be a good way. But how can I get a centre spline out of tube mesh which follows all directions and even has sections with different angles. Maybe an idea? Thanks
  9. Hi, I am wondering about a simple visualization of a liquid (paint) streaming through a pipe system. I have rough ideas, but I am not happy with it. One procedure could be to realize it over an animated texture (alpha). An another way could be to make it via sweep-nurps. Maybe Bool objects could help, but nothing of that promises a good result. The tricky thing is, that there isn't always the same pipe thickness. Another problem is, that I have to start with a finished mesh of the pipe respectively with the paint volume. I hope I explained it precisely enough. Any ideas? There is no need for a hyper-realistic animation or an plug-in like "real-flow" just a simplified movement of paint in a long hollow form. Thanx a lot, Alex
  10. call-out align to camera

    hey! This seems to be the right way - thanks. I will go on and play around. Best, Alex
  11. Hi, I had played arround with the align tag and the camera align tag and can't find the right setup. I have an area of industrial environment, which I want to render a birds view. There are many numbers and building call-outs, which should look to the cam. The problem is, that the objects are rotating around all three axes. It would be great, that the rotation just reacts on x and z. More precisely, is it possible to lock one of the axes to have more control over the alignment of several numbers etc. Would be great if anybody has an idea? Best, Alex