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  1. You are talking about the substance_cache sub-folder in your project directory, right? You can simply delete this folder or its content. If the scene should still make use of it, Cinema 4D will simply recreate it. The folder really just contains image files of Substance assets (or rather of all output channels of Substance assets) in order to speed up a few things.
  2. Sorry, I had forgotten about this thread. As Dave asked for a small applet to update old scenes, please check out "Scene Updater" and "C.O.F.F.E.E. Filter" plugins on MAXON Labs.
  3. This is actually part of the layout. Simply choose the window size and position (may also be on a second screen) of your liking, go to menu "Window->Customization->Save as Startup Layout...". Done. Of course this works with every layout, not only the startup one. So you could also have for example three layouts "Windowed", "Full Screen A" and "Full Screen All". Each of those with customized manager locations and palettes. By the way, for a multi screen layout, I recommend to use "Window->Customization->New Group Window", maximize this on a secondary screen and fill with the managers and palettes you like. Even additional viewports are possible.
  4. Hi, please see this thread in Plugin Café: http://www.plugincafe.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=14121 Sebastian posted a link how to fix the issue in Chrome.
  5. Maybe this can also help, not sure it will in your situation, though:



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