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  1. awesome! Thank you! It's in the UK as well, so I will check it out!
  2. Heiiiii! Hope everyone is well! Long time no see! I have been taking a break from C4D after my final university project, and I have been focusing more on Adobe. I recently was offered an internship at a company where they use 3D Max and Maya. They didn't say exactly what my role would be there, but I assume I would help out a bit on the projects. Either way, I have been using C4D, the student version for free and it was expired. Do you guys know any way I can download C4D and pay a monthly subscription ? rather than getting a whole program, which I dont have the money at the moment for it. Or it would help, if I can do the same with the other programmes? Thank you!
  3. by sound, do you mean the narrator or the soundtrack? I did mean it to be unsettling
  4. thanks! yeah I agree with the 2d animation part, that it should be smooth. I did think think of that fade away part, and I have another version of it with the fading away to white, but my tutors didn't seem to like it... what I was thinking is having close zoom of all the 3d elements, but closer shoots of them moving slowly) while she exhales and then zoom out and the bg is already white but thanks anyway man! truly appreciate it! the breathing part is a technique actually, thats how long you are suppose to hold your breath, like imagining a line while you breathe helps
  5. Hey guys! So this is my graduation film for the end of university. It deals with shock and how abusive words have the same effect on the body as a physical attack. It is a mixture of 2 and 3d animation. This is how far I have come with it. It still needs a lot of work, especially the ending, as it is a bit abrupt and doesn't get the idea of peacefulness and calm across. I welcome any criticism! :) Everybody's input is greatly received also ideas on how the ending can be better are also more than welcomed! here is the link:



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