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  1. denisa

    Getting C4D started. Where and how?

    awesome! Thank you! It's in the UK as well, so I will check it out!
  2. Heiiiii! Hope everyone is well! Long time no see! I have been taking a break from C4D after my final university project, and I have been focusing more on Adobe. I recently was offered an internship at a company where they use 3D Max and Maya. They didn't say exactly what my role would be there, but I assume I would help out a bit on the projects. Either way, I have been using C4D, the student version for free and it was expired. Do you guys know any way I can download C4D and pay a monthly subscription ? rather than getting a whole program, which I dont have the money at the moment for it. Or it would help, if I can do the same with the other programmes? Thank you!
  3. denisa

    Final Project Thouthgs

    thank you! ! Will keep posting!
  4. denisa

    Final Project Thouthgs

    by sound, do you mean the narrator or the soundtrack? I did mean it to be unsettling
  5. denisa

    Final Project Thouthgs

    thanks! yeah I agree with the 2d animation part, that it should be smooth. I did think think of that fade away part, and I have another version of it with the fading away to white, but my tutors didn't seem to like it... what I was thinking is having close zoom of all the 3d elements, but closer shoots of them moving slowly) while she exhales and then zoom out and the bg is already white but thanks anyway man! truly appreciate it! the breathing part is a technique actually, thats how long you are suppose to hold your breath, like imagining a line while you breathe helps
  6. Hey guys! So this is my graduation film for the end of university. It deals with shock and how abusive words have the same effect on the body as a physical attack. It is a mixture of 2 and 3d animation. This is how far I have come with it. It still needs a lot of work, especially the ending, as it is a bit abrupt and doesn't get the idea of peacefulness and calm across. I welcome any criticism! :) Everybody's input is greatly received also ideas on how the ending can be better are also more than welcomed! here is the link:
  7. denisa

    how do i create this?

    so i started out with the tracer, it kind of works I have applied a cloner (radial) and a random effect to it (noise) and i added the tracer with some sweep to it Here is the result:
  8. Hey guys, I am looking to create this sort of abstract imagery for my project, I think it looks cool! I looked up tutorials on this sort of stuff and some of them used certain pluggings (uber tracer, particles and so on)is there a way I can create it without these sort of pluggings? I am having a bit of a difficulty looking for a start tutorial on how to do this sort of matrix like shapes. I also want to animate it, like have the strings pull apart and come back. The image is a microscopic look representing the muscles of a human heart @teknow any thoughts?
  9. denisa

    experimental neuron

    Joel Dubin is fantastic! I love his work. I recently just saw a rendering of some of his tutor scenes in c4d! Looks incredibly good! yes I know but it would be hassle to render it again. that one animation which should have had the impulse ( I used the luminance material and put a gradient to work as light pulse but unfortunately it didn't render. Waited a 40 hour render only to see the light pulse didn't render a all.
  10. denisa

    experimental neuron

    WOW! thanks for the reference @teknow wow the ones from neuromorpho look spectacular! I did give them an impulse, like an electrical shock going through the neurons! When I rendered it though it didn't show in the final animation but I was thinking I can resolve that in AE. thats where i did the bg as well so to save time. initially i wanted it to be a bit abstract like the imagine you did! but at the same time I want to give a bit depth as well, so the audience knows whats happening. this is for an animation project you see :) But please let me know of your ideas and thoughts! thanks again for this superb reference
  11. hello guys! I have done this animation for a uni project, Its basically a camera moving through a "sea" of neurons. I did the BG in AE, and I slowed the camera down a bit as welI. I wanted to make it a bit abstract, but I didn't exactly how to go on about it. This is my first try! I want to add as lightning effect as well towards the end. Any criticism and pointers are then welcome :)
  12. denisa

    alpha channel in c4d

    So what you are suggesting is that next time I render an animation with alpha channel, I use Tiff sequence? On my version I have Tiff (psd) and Tiff (B3D). I plan to so another animation tonight so i do hope I get it right this time :)
  13. denisa

    alpha channel in c4d

    ohhhhhhh that might be it you know, since it was an animation i saved it as mov
  14. hey guys! I ran into a problem with the alpha channel in c4d. I am sure there is a simple explanation, and I might have forgotten to tick something on or off and I just waited 30 hours of rendering with the alpha channel on but it didn't work in after effects basically the render was 5 second camera zoom into a field of neurons in c4d, i didn't put any bg or planes ( i have also read that if you do have a bg it is important to have ticked the compositing and "seen by camera" off when trying to render with alpha channel).Since I didn't have a bg, all I did was check the alpha channel was on in the render settings. When I imported the animation in AE, the alpha channel didn't work. Am I suppose to do anything else in c4d to render with alpha channel? anyway I worked with what I had ( i still had the black bg in the animation and I tried to work with it in AE) and I would like you guys to take a look at it :) any constructive criticism is more than welcome! the file is a bit too big so i just uploaded to youtube here is the link:
  15. denisa

    making a vein modelling question?

    Ohhhhhh! I just saw your examples Dan! I will follow on your example! Ill keep you posted! Appreciated it @teknow! Thanks man! It's such a shame there aren't many videos out there for this stuff! But I'll keep trying and keep you guys posted with the results!