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  1. EXR files

    Does exr matter for anything. When saving as exr it doesn't appear in my folder that I saved it to, nor can I find it when trying to open it in After effects. I don't understand it importance so far if I can add effects when I can do so if it's save as movie.
  2. new to snapping tool

    I created a pattern from a plane and now I want snap copies of that pattern together. I've watched the snapping tool tutorials and enabled 2d snapping tool but it doesn't snap. I tried the other options , nothing worked. There is space between my objects and out of alignment. what am I doing wrong? Thanks
  3. Question about gathering fabric

    good idea for both suggestions..thanks a bunch!
  4. I need to know how to make dramatic theater curtains that don't need to move. I can make simple ones with loft and spline for vertical gathers but I need to make valances and layers that have a more natural weight to them and organic gather. Grateful for any suggestions!
  5. Can't move object

    It happened to be the axis issue... Which ,of course the simplest of answers are the most frustrating. It's humbling being new!
  6. Can't move object

    I am currently doing the mine shaft tutorial and I seem to be having trouble moving my cart . It selects but move tool and rotate won't move it. I've restarted it. Axis is enabled, hit x (suggested in forums I've read) The cart is made up of a few parts , none of which will move when selected either. It's perplexing because it moved fine when I created it initially and when i came back to it a few days ago it has this problem now. Don't know what to look for. Thanks for any help!