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  1. I'm working on a project and the CTRL+Click to drag copy has stopped working. Is this something that I somehow turned off in C4D? It still is a feature in other programs. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hollow objects with booleans

    I had the Boole set to 'A subtract B' and it should have been 'A Without B'
  3. I'm making a building for my company with a cut out so you can see the interior. The rough building shape has floors using booleans and I've had no problems with that. The issue arises when I use booleans to make the cut out, all the elements in the building appear hollow where they are cut away. I assume there is a quick fix to this but its escaping me. Thanks in advance. Building.c4d
  4. I use C4D at work and the process that I've done for a year is to open the base file and merge in the file with splines then apply the spines accordingly. Normally this goes off without a hitch. However, an issue I'm having is that when I merge the file the scale is super small. I've never had to set a scale before so I'm not sure how to fix this. Thoughts, ideas, or inspiration?
  5. Simple color shading question

    Oh, I didn't think the shape would affect the process. Thanks, I was looking in the wrong place for the gradient option.
  6. Simple color shading question

    Thanks, whats the best way to use this? The tutorials I've found online aren't as helpful as I'd like.
  7. I'm drawing a shape that needs to fade from dark blue to light blue. How do I accomplish this? Its not fading in any animation, just a static fade.
  8. I think my task is just dumb. Basically, normally we create whole systems of ductwork with equipment inside them using the render effects in that file. I've been tasked with making a modular system that they can just assemble it on their end. They want it to look like our assembled rendered versions so I need to keep the render settings as close as I can to how they are. I rendered it without AO and GI and was told that it doesn't look right. After some exasperated explaining I'm going with it. Thanks person.
  9. I tried that to no avail but thanks for the idea. Attached is the file if anyone cares to take a crack at it. Help me.c4d
  10. I'm rendering out a modular ductwork system for my company and I'm having an issue. In the attached file you can see that the left side's color is darker near the edge. Does anyone know how to make it so that the material I've assigned to the ductwork doesn't do that and is just uniform across the whole piece? horizontalL0000.tif
  11. Sorry this is super armature hour but my job just threw me on C4D. I have a square plane. How do I elongate it to a rectangle? I can scale the square but I can't change the basic shape. What easy step am I not seeing?