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  1. You don't have to pay to render using either CPU or GPU. They have a Blender cloud system that has a subscription. I think rendering is part of that, but it's not required at all.
  2. It does. There is an option to "Team Render all Takes to PV"
  3. Screen recording attached. Sorry for the low resolution. It was the only way I could get it small enough to attach. I've made a section for the different view options in the "V" menu. I'm coming from modo so I'm used to having the different views mapped to a pie menu. I've tried to recreate that. Thanks for the help everyone! C4D_Navigation_Issue_480.mov
  4. I am using cameras. For setting up the renders. But for tumbling around the viewport to arrange lighting and objects, I'm not. Should I be? Is that what you are suggesting?
  5. I often work with relatively small objects about the size of a 250mm cube. When I switch to one of the top, bottom, or side views, then switch back to perspective, the view automatically adjusts to fit the entire scene. So then I have to zoom all the way back in. Once in a while this isn't a big deal, but over and over, it's really annoying. Any way to change that?
  6. Just to be fair, Foundry does have a different development process for Modo than MAXON has for C4D. What was revealed in the 11.0 release is the first of three releases each approximately 4 months apart. Modo 10.0 was not a very broad release either, but by the time they got to 10.2, they had implemented many new features across the board while greatly improving the stability. Let's not forget the drama surrounding weak R16 and R17 releases.
  7. As a long time modo user trying to learn a little c4d, one of the biggest things I miss is that beautiful render engine. I find it much simpler to create physically based shaders. It's preview is awesome, and now it's possible to use the preview render as the final render engine if you don't want to mess with any settings, just set it to final quality and full resolution, lock it down, and walk away. It'll render till it's perfectly noise free.



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