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  1. Hi! I would like to get the Cinema 4d Application Version in Python. Is this possible? I see there are new options in R21, but what about pre-R21? Thanks!
  2. Hey there, As many of my animated films / projects are in German, and the Feedback from clients is usually in German, I am looking for a german (or german-speaking / also located in germany) character animator for quite simple Character Animation of pre-rigged Cinema 4D Characters. I am a Freelancer myself and often have too much work, so looking to outsource various projects. If you are interested, feel free to send me a PM! :) Feel free to include your rate & some work samples. Thanks Alex
  3. Hi there, I am a Freelancer myself but am often overloaded with a lot of Projects that I can't all handle myself, so I am looking for Freelancers in 3D / Anim / Comp (c4d / ae) who would like to collaborate with me. Looking forward to your PMs if you are interested! Feel free to include some basic info such as portfolio / rates / expertise, you know the drill :) Thanks, Alex
  4. Hi all! I am looking for some help in improving a Python Script. The following script steps through 100 Frames and at the end displays a Score of how long it took to step through all of the Frames (Kind of like a Benchmark) I would like the Viewport, though, to refresh when stepping through the Frames. Right now it stays frozen until the script is finished. Is there a way to do this? Thx! Here is the Scene File: https://www.cgdirector.com/downloads/[cgdirector.com]_c4dViewportBenchmark_v1.0.c4d Here is the script: import c4d import time from c4d import gui def message(msg_type, data): if msg_type == c4d.MSG_NOTIFY_EVENT: event_data = data['event_data'] if event_data['msg_id'] == c4d.MSG_DESCRIPTION_COMMAND: desc_id = event_data['msg_data']['id'] print desc_id if desc_id[1].id == 1: print "Running Benchmark..." runbenchmark() def runbenchmark() : # Backup original time originalTime = doc.GetTime() # Loop through all frames of active document fps = doc.GetFps() minFrame = doc.GetMinTime().GetFrame(fps) maxFrame = doc.GetMaxTime().GetFrame(fps) for frame in xrange(minFrame, maxFrame+1) : # Set current frame newtime = c4d.BaseTime(frame, fps) doc.SetTime(newtime) # Animate document at current frame doc.ExecutePasses(None, True, True, True, c4d.BUILDFLAGS_INTERNALRENDERER) c4d.EventAdd() currentFrame = doc.GetTime().GetFrame(doc.GetFps()) #print currentFrame global start, end, score if currentFrame == 1: start = time.time() if currentFrame >= 5 and currentFrame <= 99: end = time.time() score = currentFrame/(end - start) if currentFrame == 100: scoreRounded = round(score*100,2) textOutput = "[cgdirector.com] [v1.0] Your C4D Viewport Benchmark Score: %s" % (scoreRounded) print textOutput guid = gui.MessageDialog(textOutput) # Restore to original time doc.SetTime(originalTime) doc.ExecutePasses(None, True, True, True, c4d.BUILDFLAGS_INTERNALRENDERER) c4d.EventAdd() def main(): obj = op.GetObject() bc = c4d.BaseContainer() obj.AddEventNotification(op, c4d.NOTIFY_EVENT_MESSAGE, 0, bc)
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