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  1. I found my mistake, I just had to set "Static Mesh" option for my cage as you mentioned. i left it Automatic and that's why it didn't work. Now i understand. Thanks You.
  2. Oh)) the cage is in picture i attached in 1st message..... in my last message i just present the result by adding vertex map...anyway you got exactly what i wanted, thanks for attaching file))
  3. Thank You for reply Cerbera. I've watched these tutorial already)...i found something in C4D help docs....and after ready i did the same..playing with stiffness parameter and it's map , as well with pressure parameter....and you can see what i've got in the 1st picture attached, but i think it's not the same what i want...i thought the state in original image gotten by affecting of cube grid, not by vertex map...maybe i'm wrong , or i can't understand here something ....dunno)))
  4. Hello everyone :) Do you guys know if there is any tutorial that shows how to get this result....or maybe can tell me the correct way to get this) i'm trying to play with soft body options, but i can't get what i want.....below is attached file where you can see what i'm getting)))
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