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  1. Hi there - having a real issue with the undo button. Everytime I use it, it turns layers on (randomly the red dot switches off) that I have turned off. SO frustrating !!! Any ideas ?? Thanks guys
  2. also if anyone knows where to go to download some architectural style sketch and toon materials ( I am waiting on my full version so I dont have all the textures yet) let me know thanks guys !
  3. Hey there - Please see attached - I have rendered this using a sketch & toon material - also shown in the screenshot. I am happy with the line effect however I dont want the actual model to be rendered if that makes sense. You can see here it has given the lighting a cartoony effect - how do I turn this off so I am just left with a drawn line effect? Thank you
  4. this is great thanks so much digitvisions :D
  5. thank you for your input Cerbera
  6. I have actually emailed MAXON to confirm this, thanks Cerbera. Was hoping to test out these features before I make a purchase, hopefully I can. Seems an expensive purchase if I cant achieve the desired results ... While we are on the topic if anyone knows any good techniques (other than sketch & toon & cel renderer) to create an illustrative style please let me know!
  7. Hey all - I have the trial version of C4D R19 & I cant seem to find 'sketch' in the content browser ANYWHERE!! im trying to play around with sketch & toon, by adding the effect tags but I cant find them :( Thanks for your time Liz
  8. Thanks everfresh - that sounds like an expert set up you have there. I have never done this type of custom setting up - am I right in guessing its not the easiest thing to move around? I need a mobile solution. Thanks
  9. Thanks Poodles! Yes I have discovered a macbook just wont cut it - a real shame. I need a laptop as I will be freelancing in various offices around London, after looking at the recommended 64GB ram I realise that in fact ALL laptops are not recommended ! MAXON have told me that using net render (I thought I could purchase a high spec pc desktop computer) over wireless is not recommended. So I am now stuck for ideas, I might start a new thread. Ideas welcomed!
  10. I have just run a test & these are the results - not sure what they mean yet .... any ideas anyone?
  11. thanks Cerbera, I will check it out.
  12. Hi there - I am considering purchasing either Studio or Visualise. I am a new freelancer who will need to produce visuals for companies, such as interior shots shops, bars etc. Please see the attached image to see the spec of my laptop - I am hoping someone will be able to guide me on what kind of render times I should be expecting. Is this even possible with this laptop? I am used to using larger higher spec computers so I'm not sure if my laptop is even doable. Any advise is welcomed, thanks :D
  13. Thanks I will give this a go Thanks I will give this a go
  14. Hi there, So I imported a 3DS file (exported from SketchUp) into C4D & then the orbit tool was constrained in an odd way. Also I could only find the model by using the cameras, however when I had to delete the cameras I couldnt' find the model. It was lost in the abyss! Is there an easy way to locate a model? Anyone have any fixes/advice for this? Thanks :D

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