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  1. Thanks everfresh - that sounds like an expert set up you have there. I have never done this type of custom setting up - am I right in guessing its not the easiest thing to move around? I need a mobile solution. Thanks
  2. Hey there, I am researching laptops for the best rendering times & am looking for recommendations - anyone have a great set up? After doing some research & finding that the recommended ram is 64GB I realise that most laptops are considered sub par for most rendering jobs. My problem is I am a freelancer so I am expected to go into offices so a desktop pc is out of the question. I have been informed by MAXON that using net render over a wireless connection is not recommended so I am fresh out of ideas. What is everybody's experiences and are there any success stories with laptops? Thank you.
  3. Thanks Poodles! Yes I have discovered a macbook just wont cut it - a real shame. I need a laptop as I will be freelancing in various offices around London, after looking at the recommended 64GB ram I realise that in fact ALL laptops are not recommended ! MAXON have told me that using net render (I thought I could purchase a high spec pc desktop computer) over wireless is not recommended. So I am now stuck for ideas, I might start a new thread. Ideas welcomed!
  4. I have just run a test & these are the results - not sure what they mean yet .... any ideas anyone?
  5. thanks Cerbera, I will check it out.
  6. Hi there - I am considering purchasing either Studio or Visualise. I am a new freelancer who will need to produce visuals for companies, such as interior shots shops, bars etc. Please see the attached image to see the spec of my laptop - I am hoping someone will be able to guide me on what kind of render times I should be expecting. Is this even possible with this laptop? I am used to using larger higher spec computers so I'm not sure if my laptop is even doable. Any advise is welcomed, thanks :D
  7. Thanks I will give this a go Thanks I will give this a go
  8. Hi there, So I imported a 3DS file (exported from SketchUp) into C4D & then the orbit tool was constrained in an odd way. Also I could only find the model by using the cameras, however when I had to delete the cameras I couldnt' find the model. It was lost in the abyss! Is there an easy way to locate a model? Anyone have any fixes/advice for this? Thanks :D
  9. Hey there - I've been having this bizarre problem where I seem to be stuck on the select tool however it doesn't even select things as it should - please watch the movie it will make more sense! As you will see at the end of the clip I try to use the render region selector & it turns into a cross hair but does nothing other than move the camera. Thanks to all suggestions, I have no idea what has gone wrong here. Please help a newbie!