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  1. I cant model this !

    Thats dope, im sure i will contact you in the future for that support or 1-1 remote modelling. Again, thanks¡
  2. I cant model this !

    Awesome man¡¡ Thanks a lot, you are a boss. Do you have any tutorials or curses/masterclass of modelling? i will buy it no doubt¡
  3. I cant model this !

    Thanks¡ How can i send the scene file? i cant upload more that 2 mb files. yes no problem, here is a bigger picture
  4. I cant model this !

    Hi, you are the guy that helped me with a cloth model few weeks ago¡ thanks a lot. the part that im struggling is the one with the red circle, the tap where you put the capsulo, its only that part.
  5. I cant model this !

    Hi guys, i know this is gonna sound weird but i cant model the tap of the nespresso machine (the chrome tap where you introduce the capsule). The curves are driving me crazy. At first i thought that it doesnt have so much difficult but i having a hard time modelling it. Can anyone help me with this? Im sure this is not that difficult, but modelling its my worse thing. If you dont see the image, the machine is the nespresso citiz. Thanks¡¡ (Sorry if my english isnt so good, im from spain).
  6. How can I model this object?

    Man thanks a lot¡¡ Awesome work in a few minutes, the scene i gave to you took hours....Modelling clothes its not my best. The goal is to put the original texture of the op photo in the model, so its not for animation, its for a still render. I love how you "desaturate" the model with less polygons, do you know some video tutorial where i can see more of that topic? how to optimize a mesh for example. Im gonna continue with the work of the model, thanks again¡¡
  7. How can I model this object?

    Hi CBR, i have made some progress but i dont know how to continue in this point. Can you bring me some advice? here is the scene if you can check it. preview new model.c4d
  8. How can I model this object?

    Men you´re a fricking boss¡¡ Im seeing some light now with your post, maybe i will be able to do it. When i advance with the model can i ask you more questions if i have some? (sorry if my english isnt so good, im from spain)
  9. Hi guys, i having a hard time trying to model this object, i just can get the right shape or maybe im doing the wrong path to model it. I began with a plane, and then continue the shape of the object but i just cant get it right. Can anyone tell me some tips in order to model it?
  10. Making 3d objects with 360º photos

    Hi guys, i was wondering if theres possible to make 3d objects with 360º photos of an actual object (like for example a table or a ring, etc) Anyone knows if this is possible in cinema 4d? i think this could speed up all the modelling part of any render. My boss have asked this to me and i dont know if this is possible. Thanks¡
  11. Sorry if ive been so hard, but im struggling a lot with this :) I have seen that video, but my objects are soft bodys, and when i do the exemple of the video that you have posted the object doesnt respond well, the animation its all messy and doesnt match the cache that i have calculated before..
  12. Hi guys, sorry if my english isnt so good im from spain. I have to do a wash machine animation with "clothes" rotating inside. Im doing that with soft body and i like the result but the problem is when i bake the dynamics and i want to transport that animation to another big scene where i have the kitchen all set up (a heavy scene). I thought that i can make the heavy kitchen scene in one place and then on another scene the dynamics part and then transport that animation on to the other scene but it seems that i cant do that. How can i solve the problem? THANKS¡
  13. im gonna explain me better. Im using realflow for c4d. I have a scene that i have cached (200 frames), so in the plugin realflow for c4d, the cache is saved in sequences of rpc for fluids, and alembic files for meshers. I have 200 rpc files and 200 alembic files in the cache folder. What i want to do, is to import that mesh sequence in order to try to render that without the realflow plugin in the scene so maybe i can render that alone. Im trying to import that alembic sequence (200 files) but i cant do it.