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  1. Daam thanks a lot Cerbera, i was gonna pass you the scene with the original mesh but you had it already¡ Im gonna watch that video a lot of times for sure until i get it the righ way. Thanks a lot¡
  2. Cervera i dont understand the part of manually select the border edges and convert to uv poins....sorry, do you know some kind of tutorial where i can see how this tehcnic its done please? i have to get this done soon and learn how to do it.
  3. Hello Cerbera, im gonna explain me better with images, i have attached 2 files (bad cap first, good cap second), the good cap shows how the texture should be, and the other one shows how bad it is now. I work for a company of profuct photography and they need that front cap part to be uv´s even, like the texture on the good cap, not stretched like it is now.
  4. Hello guys, i know this is gonna be easy but i just dont get it. I have modelled this front part of a cap, and i want that the checkerboard texture goes the same way that the top part, smoothly rounding at the edge following the same direcction, but i just dont know how to do it, i have try a lot of uv´s types but i don get it. I want the checkerboard to be even in all of the parts/edges Here is a screenpost and the scene. cap problem.c4d
  5. Hi guys, i want to model a packgaing box for a chocolate bar i have model. But im struggling to begin because i dont how can i model the corners to look realistic as it should be. I want to model something like this cages: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1m81dahpb414muu/chocolate_bar.c4d/file https://beta.thedieline.com/blog/2019/3/12/how-a-box-of-cookies-can-transport-you-to-a-different-country Anyone can give me some tips? chocolate bar.c4d
  6. Hi¡ thanks for the answer, yes i know it, i have used marvelous designer too so i know other ways to do cloth but i want to make it exactly exactly
  7. Hi Guys, i need to model the shape of the elements of the photo below. It has to be exactly like the photo, i cant change anything. So my question is: it is possible to make a mesh that replicates the shape of the elements in the photo,? Its there a workflow that can speed up the process?
  8. mmm didnt think the hair object, its a good solution because i can make the hair and then transform that into geometry. I will give it a try, thanks¡
  9. Hello guys, i want to model some threads to a blanket that i already have. I know how to make cloth in marvelous designer, but the detail that his one have i really dont know how to aprroach it. Can you give some light? Attached its the reference image and the scene, the blanket i want to model its the green one, with the threads at the bottom http://www.mediafire.com/file/f9ju7xovkxn7v81/blanket_thread.c4d/file
  10. Hi¡ Yes i know its hard to understand because i dont know english really well but im gonna try again. I have the texture applied the way i want, but for getting to that point, i have to correct the lenght U, lenght V, and the offsets of the material to get to where it is now. What i want now is that when i applied the texture, i dont have to move the offsets or the lenght, just 100% uvmapping with no corrections, so i want to save the texture as how is placed now so the next time i applied the texture it will be 100% and will not have to correct it again. I hope you can understand better now?
  11. Hi again guys, i need a last help. The uvs have worked, and now i have the texture that i had to put in the model perfect as my boss said (see ttached file). But now i want to export that texture into a png, or psd file, but i just cant get around to it. I want an image file that when i put it in the material color/diffuse channel, sticks like it is now in the scene, with that coordinates. This is the last help, how can i save the texture file just as it is? @Cerbera @Bolos Scene and preview http://www.mediafire.com/file/i1vr895q9p93dr5/uvs_help_2.rar/file
  12. Hi CBR, what do you mean by sort the uv mapping? im really new with marvelous designer, i can do simulations and exported etc, but with the texturing part im a little new. Do you have any links or info that i can look up for what have you said? Sorry for my english im not native
  13. Woh¡¡ THANKS A LOT mate, yes that can do the job.
  14. Hello guys, i need help with a model that i have made inside marvelous designer and then exported to c4d. I need to make the uvs even, not with the seems i have now in my model. I have search a lot and try a lot of things but i just simply cannot resolve it. If someone can help me, i need to send this out to my boss asap. Here is the scene file, and a preview. http://www.mediafire.com/file/oqm862j101ugn14/uvmap_help.c4d/file

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