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  1. Hi guys, i want to model a packgaing box for a chocolate bar i have model. But im struggling to begin because i dont how can i model the corners to look realistic as it should be. I want to model something like this cages: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1m81dahpb414muu/chocolate_bar.c4d/file https://beta.thedieline.com/blog/2019/3/12/how-a-box-of-cookies-can-transport-you-to-a-different-country Anyone can give me some tips? chocolate bar.c4d
  2. Hi¡ thanks for the answer, yes i know it, i have used marvelous designer too so i know other ways to do cloth but i want to make it exactly exactly
  3. Hi Guys, i need to model the shape of the elements of the photo below. It has to be exactly like the photo, i cant change anything. So my question is: it is possible to make a mesh that replicates the shape of the elements in the photo,? Its there a workflow that can speed up the process?
  4. mmm didnt think the hair object, its a good solution because i can make the hair and then transform that into geometry. I will give it a try, thanks¡
  5. Hello guys, i want to model some threads to a blanket that i already have. I know how to make cloth in marvelous designer, but the detail that his one have i really dont know how to aprroach it. Can you give some light? Attached its the reference image and the scene, the blanket i want to model its the green one, with the threads at the bottom http://www.mediafire.com/file/f9ju7xovkxn7v81/blanket_thread.c4d/file
  6. Hi¡ Yes i know its hard to understand because i dont know english really well but im gonna try again. I have the texture applied the way i want, but for getting to that point, i have to correct the lenght U, lenght V, and the offsets of the material to get to where it is now. What i want now is that when i applied the texture, i dont have to move the offsets or the lenght, just 100% uvmapping with no corrections, so i want to save the texture as how is placed now so the next time i applied the texture it will be 100% and will not have to correct it again. I hope you can understand better now?
  7. Hi again guys, i need a last help. The uvs have worked, and now i have the texture that i had to put in the model perfect as my boss said (see ttached file). But now i want to export that texture into a png, or psd file, but i just cant get around to it. I want an image file that when i put it in the material color/diffuse channel, sticks like it is now in the scene, with that coordinates. This is the last help, how can i save the texture file just as it is? @Cerbera @Bolos Scene and preview http://www.mediafire.com/file/i1vr895q9p93dr5/uvs_help_2.rar/file
  8. Hi CBR, what do you mean by sort the uv mapping? im really new with marvelous designer, i can do simulations and exported etc, but with the texturing part im a little new. Do you have any links or info that i can look up for what have you said? Sorry for my english im not native
  9. Woh¡¡ THANKS A LOT mate, yes that can do the job.
  10. Hello guys, i need help with a model that i have made inside marvelous designer and then exported to c4d. I need to make the uvs even, not with the seems i have now in my model. I have search a lot and try a lot of things but i just simply cannot resolve it. If someone can help me, i need to send this out to my boss asap. Here is the scene file, and a preview. http://www.mediafire.com/file/oqm862j101ugn14/uvmap_help.c4d/file
  11. Hi Chris, i have installed rhino and the software cannot open the svpj file
  12. Hi guys, i have a file from my company that is in solidworks format, svpj file, i have to open it in c4d in order to get the textures on but its impossible. The file cannot be converted by them so i dont know how to approach this and i have to do it asap. I have try to download the trial version of solidworks but nothing, searching for converted pages like grabcad but nothing, so im asking if anyone in here have the software....Can you convert the file for me?? its a little one really. Please help.
  13. Thanks for the advice but that doesnt solve the problem.....I want to know if theres is a better way to do this, without the plane in the back that i have put it, like a real net will do
  14. Thats not my question men, im asking about how to set the dynamics properly for a realistic animation of the ball hitting the net
  15. Hi guys, im trying to make an animation about a soccer net guetting hit by a ball but i cant get it to work properly. I have search a lot in internet about the cloth dynamics but i cant find a good solution. Here is the scene file. http://www.mediafire.com/file/3126mbvt3b517rv/soccer net.c4d Thanks a lot¡
  16. Oh my god you nailed it men¡ its exactly what i was looking for, thanks a lot¡
  17. Hello¡ thanks for your answer and file, but I have already try that "chain cloner" thing, theres a lot of videos in youtube, but the movement its not like that. If you look closer the chain itself its goind forward and backward with the metal superior thing, so its different than your example..
  18. Okey thanks for the answer :) i will wait for those dynamic masters, hope to get this figured out soon
  19. Oh daam, i thought you knew it all¡ ;) You have helped me on other threads. Dont worry, i will wait for the other gods i hope they will appear. But can you tell me like one way to try to do it? i dont want you to begin trying, i mean what way you would start aproaching to the method. ¿Rigging with ik?¿sweeps? splines? just your thinking about it
  20. Hi guys, im having so much troubles figuring out how to do this movement, check this video please. I want to mimic the movement of that chain, i tried to do it with spline dynamics and sweeps but nothing has worked, i´ve searched a lot on internet but i cant finde how to do it. Please anyone have some tips? i have the chain pieces done, but getting that movement i cant. im prying the god @Cerbera
  21. Oh man thanks a lot¡¡ i can get it now like your example, i have to improve in this uv world, can you tell me some tutorials or curses so i can learn more? i know theres a lot on youtube but im meaning the ones that you recommend

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