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  1. I feel like the more I explain things the less people understand what I actually want. But alas, I actually solved via 5 different cloners and delay/time effectors. Its not exactly what I want, but it does the job. also, the Rack you provided it actually really cool and tought me something I didnt know even existed, which is Plain>Offset, so thanks for that! And Jed, Didnt think of the monoflop at all, wouldve probably helped me a lot. THanks for showing me ^^
  2. 2019-02-07 22-01-33.mp4 Id like to recreate a channel rack. A channel rack is basically Those points, and when I activate a point it plays a sound when the timer passes(Grey thing down bottom) through it. That timer moves at a certain speed, which is set by the BPM, which is 82. basically that means that it plays 82 of those dots per minute.Thats what Id like to recreate, but every time a beat passes I want it to tap. As I said, a metronome of sorts. So yes, a wavy effect. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BGuiyfshiHsgxSwgMv_sAdMUq1PQGFJ5 ^thats the project file, its already 40 megs so sorry about the drive link.And please do ignore all the other shinanigans that project has, its still very much work in progress :) The effector is currently(in proj file) keyframed to just go back n forth, but Id like for it to go actually in tempo.Thus, I got the idea of Xpresso.
  3. Hello, Ive run into a roadblock, or maybe even a bug, and sadly I dont think Ive got enough experience to find a solution to this. This is my setup. Ive got a Cylinder inside a Coner, which clones the cylinder 8 times across 164 cm(end point of Cloner). Next, theres a plain effector with a basic sphere falloff. I want the effector to travel from the start to the finish, and make this almost wavey effect. But only one of the cylinders will be completely "Up" at a time. The "Up" cylinders will shuffle in the tempo of the song, which is 82 BPM(Beats per minute). With this Id like to achieve something like a metronome. I did the math, and here are my notes: next up, I had to do the logic of the effector actually looping once it arrived at the end of Cylinders array+last empty space. Heres How I Tried to do it: But as you probably can see, not even the time itsself has a result. also, Im like 100% sure that the logic I tried to do is wrong. Dont even think that I got the concept right. The main thing Id like to fix is Time not moving when the animation plays, and the very much appreciated explonation of how to do my logic right would finish this all off. This might be my most complex expresso yet, and its an utter mess. Thanks in advance, Djkato.
  4. Hello, I guess the title says it all. Im struggling to make a simple scene where water from RealFlow collides with the quick movement of a platonic object being affected by a MoExtrude, which has a Sound effector. and the collision geometry: I dont know why, but the water acts as if the thing inside it wasnt even moving :/. I want it to get pushed high up and slowly fall down due to an attractor Daemon. please halp.
  5. I asked the author of the drawing to add legs, since its her special style and I cant really copy it(and DEFINITELLY not in 3d), and I will give the char a small platform to stand on, ofc. Honestly right now Im not worried about the printing part, but about the part where I force my self to work on it for hours on hours to get it somewhere. Ive spent all day today looking for solutions and watching tutorials, that Im slowly getitng sick just thinking about it :D . Tomorrows a new day and with a new day, new motivation comes aswell! also, Ive played another few hours with the dang sculpting and its just not my styyyle. Its so weird... Ill stick to polygons thanks for all your help! I think Ill open a new thread later about the 3D printing part. before I go though. I wonder how Ill make the polygons have depth? because obviously I cant do planes because the object printed would break, if even print. Extruding invards is a naive thought, right? :/ hopefully it wont require another set of special actions x.x
  6. Oh my god youre a genius! Thats a simple to do those lines - sweep also, I do want those lines to be in the print visible, almost act as the main literal outline, but there will still be the "fill color" <- the actual mesh supporting those lines. So it will basically be like a normal figure, but those lines will be there and strongly visible ^^ and Im happy that Its not necesarry to do the T pose, but Im starting to think that posing her with a rig would seem easier than actually doing the object as the pose already. When I get some results Ill make sure you know! Thanks a lot for help. Guess I cant be lazy and godda do each polygon perfectly :/ Thanks!
  7. Thank you for your reply! I really appreciate the tutorials you linked me, and I watched them both, but in the 1st one I dont understand why he started off with a sculpt and later made it a polygon by hand. Couldnt he just bake the sculpt? or straight out use it? I see that step being unnecesarry. Also, I watched like atleast 10 tutorials on face modelling and such, but the sculp way just feels... wrong for me? and the polygon way feels unnecesarilly(hope I spelled that right lol) complicated. also, I found out that whats screwing me over the most is the way the girl on my reference drawing is positioned and rotated. Because of her weird pose I struggle to imagine her being in a T pose. Ill try more and more and hopefully the polygon way will somehow magically turn out right for me. One question I have the most(because things like making the base of the body is just about playing around and experimenting until I get a result Im happy with) is how should I make her lineart pop out. Im imagining the figure like... a literall 3d drawing. How would I model those pen strokes? like "tubes" or just somehow with the sculpt? or with mograph? thanks in advance.
  8. Hello. Im a beginer at modelling and sculpting. Im quite oriented in Cinema 4D , hence Im using it for yeaaars, but Im still only 16 and awfull at modelling humanoid characters or anything biological, since Ive only been making still images with Abstract and technology themes. I want to make and later 3D print a drawing that one of my friends made, because I see it as a challenge and I like learning new things including techniques. ^thats the image Im gonna be modelling. I asked her to give her feet aswell, so that will be there too later. Im thinking to model the way she did the line work too, so actual sticking out lines on exactly those places where she drew them. Shame, that Im stuck at even the most basic modelling. I tried: a) make a cube, enter the front and side view and model the cube as basic curves of her body, later using a subdivision surface and just keep editing those damn cubes to get my result. ^I managed to get a womans body somehow right, but it wont help me at all because I dont know how to shape it to my characters body shape. b)again, make the basic body shape with a cube, and then Sculpting it (my 1st time sculpting, I watched hours of tutorials on what those tools do). Shame ,that I just cant use sculpting at all because Im awfull at it. was trying it for hours and couldnt even get the shape of a body right. ^my awfull atempt ^ Please help a beginner out. thanks in advance.
  9. Hello, I have a weird problem with my model. When I try to make a body shape, I get a weird breakline after using subdivision surface. All my symmetry mid points are on X=0, and Ive tried manipulating them to see if anything changes. I have no idea how to fix it. Woman Body.c4dWoman Body.c4d ^project file , if necessary Thanks in advance!



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