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  1. Gregor

    Food stuff

    wow! I wish I could say more, but there're simply no words for those delicious renders
  2. Hey Alkapule, 110 samples is extremely low. You should at least set it to 500-800 (the very least!) and use the AI denoiser. I'd recommend render it with a lot more samples and try to use the denoiser as least as possible. You may want some really light noise on your volume to make it look more realistic anyway. Cheers!
  3. Hey Philip, thanks so much for your response. This effect looks actually pretty close to what I was talking about. Only thing is - I remember that in the tutorial I was talking about, the dude was showing a technique to give cinema4d files the drawn look (just like the tutorial you posted but with c4d files instead). Thanks so much for response, though! Gregor
  4. Hey everyone, I'm trying to find a tutorial that I watched like 3 years ago. Already tried finding it through the search funktion, but I had no luck. Basically there's this guy explaining his workflow for a project he did (I believe it was something like birth control pills or such?!) and how he managed to achieve a certain look. This being a sketch and toon kinda look, without actually having to render it in C4D. He sets up a basic scene in Cinema and brings it over to AfterEffects where he layers and comps it and then shows how fast you can get results using
  5. Hey @Cairyn, first time I hear about CollieMouse! I'd be super happy, if you'd implement that in your R21 release. Where would I buy/try your driver? Is there a download link somewhere? Thanks for getting back to me! Best, Gregor
  6. Hey all! I'm trying to create a "fly through" camera without keyframing it, but with using my 3D space mouse. Unfortunately it seems like Cappucino doesn't recognise the movement of my 3D mouse, so it won't work this way. Is there any other way you guys can think of? Best, Gregor


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