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  1. Get over yourself will ya, half the community on here will have cracked software. Its how you learn the tools to the indiustry. We use them in the workplace then on paid for workstations/software.
  2. Well I went ahead and bought a 2nd hand 2016 high spec MacBook Pro 15" (Face in hands)! I know, but I do like it so far. Will let you know how it handles renders once I've got the necessary cracked software running, cough, hmm, I mean legit software. Graham Will install Ae CC 2015, Ai, PS, etc Cinema R17 or maybe R18 Autodesk maya 2016
  3. Yes I think a base machine in a house say, a Pc would be good solely for 3d. But I need it to do everything, design, etc.. I have a good (well was good) cinema display mini dv port - which I'm hoping I can plug into.
  4. Good point. yes they seem to be AMD radeon cards - that general c4d render engine is happy with, I may be freelancing with it so After Effects will be used often, I don't know its hard to get a computer that does it all!
  5. Hey, guys/gals.. considering getting a new macbook pro 15" I think this topic is relevant every now and again as there are so much changes going on all the time. New render engines/new macbook specs/ New iMacs coming out etc. I'll prob be doing mostly 3d work but love the apple user interface, and a macbook I hope will plug into my existing cinema display 27inch led, I may look at maya as well or octane for cinema. Let battle commence,,, Graham
  6. Hello - sure its asked a thousand times a day - but can't see the answer. Im trying to align a ball at end of my sweep nurbs animation.... but it doesn't line up. its out of sync. The ball has an align to spline tag. Thanks Graham
  7. Your skeleton - bones, look odd. They seem to be extra bones going out his back - unless he has a tail I can't see.? Also once you join your mesh to the bones (skinning) there comes smoothing out work, called paint weighting. This is done by selecting the skinned tag on your mesh and I think double clicking with 'Shift' brings up the paint weight tool. Lots of work,
  8. Hey guys /gals.. - quick one installed R18, can I now copy paste my plugins from R17 into plugins for R18. then just delete them? Graham
  9. Cheers CbR, Im prob over thinking it, just trying to get some realism in the shot. think the bump and displacement should do it though.
  10. Hi all, Its just a brick wall I'm truing to light and shade. I think I'll get away with an area light falloff of some kind maybe? But the shader needs a bit of work, I have painted a displace and bump, but unsure where to put reflection map and which setting to use in new Reflectance. Graham
  11. Hi has anyone any tips for lighting a street scene at night (Brick wall). Realistic lighting is what I;m after, but I don't have any hdri's for a real scene. Can spots and areas do it? I need a soft falloff of an alleyway. Graham



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